Ten ideas for Valentine's Day

LATTE LOVE: Pay it forward by buying a stranger a coffee today.
LATTE LOVE: Pay it forward by buying a stranger a coffee today.

Sweetheart or not, The Press presents 10 ideas for Valentine's Day:

1. Buy your Mum or Dad some flowers - or ''borrow'' them from the red zone. Why should the rats enjoy them?

2. Get hold of a Rekindle re-usable Valentine's Day card - they're heart-shaped blackboards . . . just wipe your old sweetheart's name out and replace it with another.

3. New Zealand Rocks! - a comedic romp through Kiwi musical history - is on for free at 7pm tonight at the Murray Aynsley Lawn in the Botanic Gardens.

4. Get your boyfriend or girlfriend's name tattooed on your body, but read Johnny Moore's column first


5. Visit the Volsted Trading Company's Anti-Valentine's Day party from 4pm-11pm.

6. Take your dog for a special walk at Halswell Quarry; reward them for always being by your side.

7. Pay it forward with a suspended coffee at your favourite cafe - buy one for the next person.

8. Get a singing barbershop quartet and a rose to serenade your Valentine. The Canterbury Plainsmen Men's chorus offers two love songs, a card, a rose and chocolates for $50. But be warned, it can backfire (http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/6405753/Love-messages-sometimes-backfire).

9. Get your loved one an animal pun card like these ones by Christchurch pun enthusiast and animal lover Mirabel Oliver: ''I kea for you'' or ''I love you like no otter''


10. Go to work and come home. It's just another day. Or Google ''Valentine's Day ideas'' and take your pick.

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