Cargo Bike Event in Christchurch

04:32, Feb 21 2014
cargo bike
CARGO BIKE: Christchurch Cargo Bike Event organiser Daniel Nielsen showcases the pedal power he uses to take his children to and from school.

Go do something different this weekend and check out the Christchurch Cargo Bike Event in the central city on Saturday afternoon.

Cargo bikes are an unusual sight on the street of Christchurch. One local courier company, Energy messengers, employ cargo bikes for deliveries around town.

Cargo bikes are popular in Northern Europe, in particular Denmark and The Netherlands, where a lot of people use them for city transport.

The Christchurch Cargo Bike Event will be based at the RAD bikes workshop on the corner of Cashel and High St. Signing up to enter the event competitions starts at 1pm, with the action kicking off at 2.30pm.

Event designer Nic Sewell said the purpose of the event was to promote the viability of cargo bikes in Christchurch and to "have some fun". 

He said there would be several different competitions, including "barrel racing" and a "classic exhibition ride", both of which incorporated completing circuits, picking up cargo and delivering it at certain points.


Sewell said a cargo bike was an adequate replacement for a car in Christchurch, at least for city commuting. One of his friends had chosen to live without a car, getting by with a cargo bike to transport his children and for doing groceries.

Cargo bike racing world champion Angus Edmond would be taking part in the event, Sewell said.

Edmond is from Christchurch, but lives in Denmark. He competes on the cyclo-cross world cup circuit and is the current single-speed mountain biking world champion.

People were also travelling from around the country for the event, with entrants from Wellington and Arrowtown confirmed, Sewell said.  

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