Review: Pure cafe


Pure Cafe Co. 31 Birmingham Dr, Christchurch. Open weekdays 6.30am - 4pm and Saturday 8am - 2pm. 

Despite being a self-described clean-eating cafe, Pure is humming on a Saturday morning with a mixture of people. Some seem to be dressed for the gym, while others have kids in tow and dogs tied up outside.

Pure has an industrial fitout - sleek tiles, chunky wood and exposed metal. It is attached to the Mint gym and is in an industrial area. The philosophy is clean eating and Pure offers plenty of vegetarian, gluten-free and paleo options. However, the ethos is about flavour and health combining.

Fortunately, the cafe has nothing against coffee.

It's a busy Saturday morning but only two staff are behind the counter - one cooking, the other serving and making coffee. We are warned there would be a wait for food, which is fine as we are in no hurry.

The wait for coffee is also a long one, but when it arrives it ticks all the boxes - creamy, smooth and strong and nicely presented. While we wait to eat, the boyfriend complains about being lured to the cafe under false pretences. No mention was made of the "health food" element, and he is feeling hard done by with the lack of bacon and the cafe's strict "no trans-fats" rule.

He has ordered under duress and waits petulantly for the food to arrive.

The oaty pancakes are gluten- free, high in protein and made with egg whites. They come with banana, berry compote, protein yoghurt and proper maple syrup.

Despite initial scepticism, the doubter is won over. The pancakes are light and fluffy with a slight oaty texture. The addition of maple syrup lends a little luxury to the meal.

The brown rice and millet porridge is a light but filling alternative to the usual oaty porridge. It is gluten-free, dairy- free and vegetarian and is served with prunes, almond milk and roasted stone fruit.

The texture is soft but with a very slight bite to prevent it from becoming too mushy. It has a caramel flavour and the addition of prunes and stonefruit adds sweetness.

Pure is great at turning healthy food into something really enjoyable.

We walk out of the cafe feeling light and healthy, but with a meal that keeps us full for hours afterwards. This place is worth checking out for something a bit different and is a great way to kick off a weekend. Perhaps head down there after a long run or workout to add to your healthy weekend buzz.

Sunday Star Times