Chch Today: Intersection advice for cyclists

21:25, Mar 10 2014
Cyclist on Oxford Tce
COUNCIL APPROVED: Cyclists are advised to position themselves in the middle of the combined straight ahead and left lane at the intersection of Oxford Tce and Montreal St.

Cyclists should "take the lane" to cross the busy Montreal St safely, say council officials.

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Weetbix Tryathlon
PHOTOGRAPHER'S VIEW: Thousands took part in the Weetbix Tryathlon on Sunday.

Q: Are there any plans for temporary facilities to improve the safety of cyclists heading eastbound on Oxford Tce across Montreal St before the blueprint plan is implemented? This is a key route into the CBD for motorists and cyclists alike, but the combined straight ahead and left lane is dangerous for cyclists to negotiate, particularly when motorists don't indicate their intentions. Nick Brunsdon

A: There are no plans to make any changes at the intersection prior to the implementation of the blueprint.

If both motorists and cyclist use lanes and indicate intentions in accordance with the Road Code, any intersection should operate safely.


Cyclist, bus, traffic
NEGOTIATING LANES: Cyclists battle for space in central city roads.

All road users should indicate well before turning and not pass on the left unless there are lanes to do so.

Therefore the safest way as a cyclist to go through this intersection is to position themself in the middle of the combined straight ahead and left lane in a manner that is referred to in the Road Code for Cyclists as "taking the lane".

The plans outlined in the transport chapter of the blueprint will result in very low volumes of traffic using Oxford Tce, slower speeds and improved safety on key cycling routes. Christchurch City Council

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Morning cloud should clear for a fine day with northeasterlies and a high of 19 degrees Celsius.

Tomorrow will be much of the same, with morning cloud clearing for a high of 20C.

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