Chch Today: New road woes for Victoria St

20:54, Apr 06 2014
Victoria St roadworks
JAMMED: Victoria St traffic is set to get worse. Picture taken in August 2013.

New road works will cause further traffic problems in Victoria St for the next month.

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Meanwhile, drizzle will turn to rain as our wrap on today in Christchurch explains.


Morning drizzle will turn to rain this afternoon, with southerlies and a high of 14 degrees Celsius.

Tomorrow morning will remain cloudy with drizzle, southerlies will die out for a high of 17C.

Wednesday will be clearer, with cloudy periods and light winds for a high of 15C.



Work around the Victoria St clock tower will cause delays for the next month.

- Montreal and Salisbury streets will be reduced to one lane at the Victoria St intersection.

- Victoria St will be closed at the clock tower.

- Scirt recommends drivers allow extra time, or find an alternative northbound route like Fitzgerald Ave.


- No right turn from Hereford St onto Colombo St, travelling east.

- Colombo St northbound only from Lichfield St to Hereford St.

- Hereford St eastbound only, Colombo St to Manchester St.

Durham St is two lanes only between Cashel St and Lichfield St. From today it will be reduced to one land around the Tuam St work site. Delays are expected for the next two months.

McCormacks Bay Rd will be one-way eastbound from today for about a year to allow wastewater pipe repairs. On Saturdays, the work will be minimised to allow access to the Mt Pleasant Farmers' Market.

Humphreys Dr will be one-way westbound for a month from today. Eastbound traffic will be detoured via Ferry Rd.


Q: Just over a year ago McKenzie Residential School was closed down by the Ministry of Education - nothing to do with earthquakes. Since then this property has been empty but would make wonderful accommodation for rebuild workers or similar. What plans have been made for the future use of this outstanding facility or will it be left to deteriorate beyond recognition? Lyndsay Coyle

A: The Ministry is considering whether the site of the former McKenzie Residential school will continue to be required for educational purposes. A decision is likely to be some months away. If it is no longer required for educational purposes the site will be disposed of. The majority of the site is gifted land which must first be offered back to the giftter or their successors. The remainder will go directly into the Crown disposal process as required by the Public Works Act. One of the first steps of that process is to find out whether the site is needed by another government agency. Head of education infrastructure services Kim Shannon, Ministry of Education

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