Review: Opawa Bakery and Cafe

WHAT'LL IT BE TODAY?: The offerings on display at Opawa Bakery and Cafe.
WHAT'LL IT BE TODAY?: The offerings on display at Opawa Bakery and Cafe.

Some of the best cafes in Christchurch are in the suburbs, tucked away off busy, congested roads, doing the business extremely well. Opawa Bakery and Cafe is a gem of a place you can almost miss if you are not looking out for it.

Set at the end of a cluster of shops in the Opawa shopping precinct, the German owner offers delicious baked goodies from her homeland as well as some treats Kiwis love. The four of us turn up one Sunday morning to find the place is virtually empty apart from a couple of punters.

There are plenty of outdoor seats but we venture inside into the ultra-spacious indoor area where we have our pick of tables. The impressive display board is packed with scrumptious-looking fare from slices through to scones and other baked delights. The blackboard has a detailed breakdown of what's in each meal, which makes an appetising statement.

I've been here before and can vouch for the coffees so Mandy and I order a flat white each while Jayden picks a chocolate milkshake and Zackery orders an iced chocolate. Our coffees arrive promptly and are typically excellent.They are a bit bubbly on top but taste like good coffee should - packed with flavour, a good kick of caffeine and a nice, smooth aftertaste.

The milkshake is thick, tasty and creamy, unlike some cafes that seem hell-bent on offering watery drinks. The iced chocolate is also great, with plenty of flavour.

Mandy is not overly hungry so orders a berry scone with butter and a toasted bagel with pesto and cream cheese. The serving is nicely presented. The scone is full of flavour and a tasty treat, while the bagel is deceptively filling.

The kids order the french toast with bacon and maple syrup. The bacon sits high on the toast which is drizzled in syrup. At first the meals look small but they, too, pack plenty and the kids are full in no time. The toast is crunchy without being too hard and the taste combination is a winner with them.

I find it hard to decide which meal to go for - the wall menu is full of appetising offerings. I go for the Big Breakfast - bacon, mushrooms, sausage (delicious) two eggs on toast, grilled tomatoes and fried potatoes. The meal looks amazing when it is presented and it tastes the same. The flavours ooze out and it is one of the best breakfast meals I've had at a cafe. It's filling, has a great combination of flavours and is satisfying.

The service here is swift and genuine. The staff are attentive and down to earth.

This place tends to operate under the radar but it deserves serious attention. The food is divine, the baking scrumptious and the service a real standout.


7/124 Opawa Rd, Christchurch. 

Monday - Friday 7.30am - 4pm, weekends 9am - 2.30pm. Closed public holidays. 

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