Paul Potts 'banned' from dancing in public

02:06, Apr 30 2014
Paul Potts,
BASHFUL DANCER: Paul Potts, a former cellphone salesman who won Britain’s Got Talent, at the Dance-O-Mat last night.

Paul Potts had one chance to dance but instead he chose to simply strike a pose on the dance floor of Christchurch's Dance-O-Mat last night.

"I don't dance in public, my wife has banned me," Potts said while the Black Keys' song Gold On the Ceiling played on the coin-operated washing machine in Gloucester St. He might not be allowed to dance but tonight the Bristol-born opera singer, who found fame after shocking Simon Cowell and winning reality TV series Britain's Got Talent, performs at the Aurora Centre for the Performing Arts as part of his fifth New Zealand tour.

Potts said he would spend today looking around the city.

"I was shocked to see the cathedral, it looks like it has been bombed, I hope it can be saved," he said. "I sense that the city is shaken but the spirit of the people isn't."

Drawing upon his experience as a Bristol city councillor, he was happy to offer a slice of "outsider's advice" to the Christchurch City Council.

"The most important thing is they need to consider as many people's views as possible."


At tonight's concert fans can expect to hear music from Potts' previous albums, One Chance, Passione and Cinema Paradiso, alongside his favourite arias and material from an upcoming album.

Before stepping off the dance floor yesterday, the 43-year-old former cellphone salesman admitted that he had a "generic tune" as his cellphone ringtone.

"I can't have anything else, the dog goes crazy when it hears a phone ring."

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