Men urged to wear colour for Cup Day

22:38, Nov 11 2012

Ditch black and charcoal, gentlemen. For Cup Day, be brave and go for some colour.

"We're really moving away from black and charcoal," says Working Style Christchurch store manager Fraser Bremford.

"Most men's wardrobes have a dark suit already for events and occasions."

He shows us a navy suit with a lilac shirt, mauve tie, and mauve handkerchief sticking out of the breast pocket.

The navy suit is a classic, he says. Colour is important on a sunny day, and it was easy to add colour to the suit through the shirt, tie, and the handkerchief.

The cut of a suit is also important. "Look for a masculine cut with fitted narrow shoulders, tailoring through the waist, leaving the chest very broad," he says.

There is also a shift back to the more classic lapel width, says Bremford. "We've moved away from the skinny lapels."

Tie widths and lapel widths should be in proportion. The wider the lapel, the wider the tie should be.

For gentlemen who are keen on prints, Bremford recommends a classic Prince of Wales print with slightly more pale blue to mordernise it.

A cotton suit, he says, is a wonderful summer option which was elegant without looking corporate.


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