Accessories are for men too

20:15, Nov 06 2012

Adding little details with accessories can make all the difference for Cup Day, says Working Style Christchurch store manager Fraser Bremford.

"With accessories, what can make the difference are those small details such as the tie pin, obviously to keep the tie under control on a norwester Canterbury day," he says.

"One of the easiest ways to give your current suit a lift, of course, is the pocket handkerchief."

The handkerchief, however, can be replaced with a flower or a feather in a matching colour.

For shoes, avoid black and go for a more modern brown, he advises. Shoes and belts should match.

Lace-up shoes are more formal than slip ons, but both are viable options. "The penny loafer is an amazing relaxed shoe which looks best with no socks and a lean cotton trouser," he says.

Texture is big this season and Bremford recommends adding texture and depth with a woven belt or a knitted tie.

"Stay away from those cliche looks of the cane or the binoculars," Bremford advises.


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