Valentine's Day bachelor auction

03:54, Feb 07 2014
Corbel Charity Man Auction's Janic
TRAVEL LOVER: Carpenter Janic, 23, has yet to see a kiwi in real life so will be taking his lucky date to Willowbank Nature Reserve.
Corbel Charity Man Auction's Adam
SHOW HIM AROUND: Adam, 24, who only arrived in the city last month, loves sports, has "great upper body strength", and will be wining, dining and kayaking his winning woman.
Corbel Charity Man Auction's Chris
'CHARMING AND WITTY': Carpenter Chris, 40, is into cycling, yoga - that means he's flexible ladies - and playing pool. He will take his date punting, followed by dinner at the Bodhi Tree and possibly dancing.
Corbel Charity Man Auction's Andrew
'CUTE AND ADVENTUROUS': Carpentry apprentice Andrew, 19, likes camping, cars and movies, and will be taking his winning bidder to lunch and a "mystery location".
Corbel Charity Man Auction's Hamish
JAKE GYLLENHAAL DOPPELGANGER?: Hamish, a 21-year-old hammer hand and alternative music fan, has been told by many that he resembles the American movie star. He will be taking his lady to see some kittens, followed by a burger and a cinema trip.
Corbel Charity Man Auction's Jordy
'ALL-ROUND HAPPY GUY': Carpenter Jordy, 27, is originally from the Netherlands, loves tennis and travelling, and will be taking his date on a tour around Christchurch in his own convertible.
Corbel Charity Man Auction's Tom
GENEROUS DATE: Tom, 52, is a man of many talents - a musician, motorbike fan, traveller, and animal lover. Plus, depending on the bid's value, Tom will either be whisking his winner out for a slap-up dinner, or for a weekend on the Sunshine Coast!

A keen yoga practitioner, an adventurer and a guy with a ''pretty mean handstand'' are among the men of a Christchurch construction company auctioning themselves off for Valentine's Day.

Up to 20 bachelors working for Corbel Construction have agreed to date whoever bids the most at a fundraising auction in Lyttelton next Friday.

Organiser Kristina Wischnowsky said the event arose after some of the workers bemoaned the lack of single women in Christchurch at the company's Christmas barbecue.

''I said 'I'll get you some girls'. What I'm worried [about] are the fights that are going to happen over our boys.''

The bachelors up for auction include 24-year-old Adam, who is described as an ''outdoorsy'' guy and can ''hold a pretty mean handstand''. Adam is offering a date featuring kayaking and dinner. 

Other prospective dates on offer include 23-year-old carpenter Janic who wants to take his top bidder to the Willowbank Nature Reserve for some kiwi spotting, 21-year-old hammerhand Hamish who plans to take his lucky date to the local pet store ''because everyone loves kittens'', and 40-year-old carpenter Chris who is keen on cycling and yoga and has planned a date involving punting on the Avon River and ''possibly dancing somewhere that's shakin''. 


''I didn't have to force anyone to do this,'' Wischnowsky said. ''I think we're all pretty lucky because we've got a really good group of groups that work here at Corbel - caring, friendly, eager and passionate.''

Men were welcome to make bids on the night, but all of the bachelors on offer were unfortunately ''looking for girls at this stage'', she said.

''I'm really excited for my boys, I think it's going to be a good fun night.''

Corbel Construction's man auction begins from 6.30pm on February 14 at the Wunderbar in Lyttelton. Entry to the event is free and bidding starts at $25.

Payments must be made on the night, with all money raised going to local charities CanTeen, the Christchurch City Mission and SPCA Canterbury.

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