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23:04, Jul 12 2012
SHAPESHIFTER: Performs a sold-out show in Christchurch tomorrow night.

Nothing to do in Christchurch? Vicki Anderson says "pffft" to that and offers a few live music suggestions this week.


Tonight at St Michael and All Angels Church at 84 Oxford Tce, Lawrence Arabia, aka James Milne, presents his new album The Sparrow.

Lydia Cole
LYDIA COLE: Will perform on Sunday night in Christchurch.

It is his evocative follow-up to the Taite Music Prize/Silver Scroll winning Chant Darling and it's stunning.

The tour will see Lawrence Arabia perform with very special guests for each date including a string ensemble who are prominent throughout the album.

His New Zealand tour features some of his most ambitious live shows to date.


Tommy Ill
TOMMY ILL: Will perform at The Foundry tonight.

"As well as the band, there's a nine-piece orchestra playing on stage including strings and string quartet," Milne said.

"It's a much bigger, more ambitious show than anything I've ever done, exciting but a bit nerve-racking.

"It's good that I'm so busy at the moment - I don't get too much time to dwell on how big an undertaking it is."


Popular drum 'n' bass group Shapeshifter perform a one-off, sold-out New Zealand show in Christchurch on Saturday night.

Fresh from gigs at major festivals, including Glastonbury and the Big Chill, the gig at The Bedford Big Top marquee venue will offer the group's hometown fans a sneak preview of tracks from their upcoming album.

The support act is psychedelic rock funk fused group AHoriBuzz, fronted by Lyttelton's Aaron Tokona, with renowned drummer Riki Gooch and songstress L A Mitchell, along with the Sunshine Sound System.

It will be Shapeshifter's last show in New Zealand for some time as the group will join the European summer festival circuit.

Shapeshifter's Devin Abrams said it was important to the group to do a show in their hometown before they left.

"Christchurch is a very special place to the band. We want to give Christchurch fans the first opportunity to hear stuff off the new album and we want to get their souls warmed up," he said.

Abrams said the group had been busy working on the upcoming album.

"We wrote a lot of it in Berlin and we've been in the studio in Wellington."

He said they hoped to release the album worldwide in February and said it was "definitely very different" to 2009 release System Is A Vampire.

"We've got 18 tracks, looking for 12 to put on the album. If anything there's an 80s vibe going on on a lot of the tracks.

"When we were in Berlin writing we were hitting the clubs. We carried that vibe on to the album, I think. Berlin is great, there's a vibrant, rebellious youth culture there."

After the show the group head off to perform everywhere from the Netherlands to Romania, but from the way Abrams talks, the opportunity to perform for friends and family means a lot.

"It's been a long time since we did our own show, at the Christchurch Town Hall in 2009, I think.

"We've been back there since then, of course, at Orientation, but not our own shows. It feels like just the right time to go back."

Abrams said he was humbled by how quickly tickets to the show sold out - they were snapped up by eager Cantabrians within 24 hours. Because of the demand the venue size was increased and a further 1000 tickets sold out in an hour.

"It's truly a humbling feeling to know that there is that much love for our band in our hometown. We are very proud Cantabrians and we can't wait to see you all," he said.

Saturday, Shapeshifter with AHoriBuzz and Sunshine Sound System at The Bedford Big Top on the Turners and Growers site, Barbadoes St, entrance from Tuam St (search Facebook for details).


On Sunday Dux Live hosts Lydia Cole presenting her Me & Moon tour with Christchurch singer/songwriter Tom Lark. Her song Hibernate, is one of 20 songs chosen as a finalist in the 2012 APRA Silver Scroll awards.

Gigging alongside the likes of Brooke Fraser, Boh Runga and Greg Johnson has developed Cole's stage presence. The album was recorded at Roundhead Studios. Quake devastation to his band's practice room forced Lark back to his bedroom last year to create a self-released EP of languid electro-minimalist pop gems. Check out two rising young performers from 8pm, $10 door sales.


On Thursday, James Reid, of the feelers, presents his solo project tour with guests at Dux Live. That's all I know. Oh wait, I think it starts at 8pm.


Tonight at The Foundry, UCSA sees a perfect storm at The Foundry from 7pm. Tickets, $35. It's Friday the 13th, what could go wrong when the largest clubs on the University of Canterbury campus go head to head on four different stages.

ENSOC, UCOM, Lawsoc, Gentlemens Club, CUBA and Motosoc have each taken charge of their refuge shelter for the storm.

Ensoc have, on the main stage, Tommy Ill, Savage, Local Remedy and the Jupiter Project.

UCOM and UCPSYC have created the Silent Disco with two separate channels. Their lineup includes Alby, Chuck Bass, Beat Dr C, Seth Hamilton, Lenium and Nick D.

Lawsoc and Gentlemens Club plan to build an Ice Bar for the finer things in life such as ice sculptures, gin, funk and soul. Their lineup includes La Petite Manouche, Loop Soundsystem, Soul System and D J Charlie Wilkinson.

We all know containers are brilliant as storm protection so CUBA and MOTOSOC are creating a container maze with safe and secure viewing decks. Within this maze you shall find a skate ramp and garage bashing music to scare away the rain. Their lineup includes House of Party Rock, D J Lachie Watson and Dick Magik Johnson.

The Perfect Storm: four stages, six clubs, 7pm-1am today. R18.


GO has one copy of Lawrence Arabia's album The Sparrow to give away. To enter the draw, email with Tweet Tweet in the subject line by 5pm today. The winner will be notified.

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