A love letter to Christchurch

16:00, Feb 21 2013
Leigh Franklin
COMPOSER: Leigh Franklin

A love letter to Christchurch, the song Space and Place is released today.

An evocative, beautifully crafted song, its video features haunting footage of pre-earthquake Christchurch.

The song was written before the February 22, 2011 earthquake, inspired by a return home after a long period overseas and the concept of how much our hometowns shape us.

Returning from unfamiliar places, it magnifies the little things about a hometown that can be so comforting, alleyways, familiar buildings and landmarks - a place that knows you as well as you know it.

The video, shot during a Christchurch winter, shows many key places and spaces that are now lost - it shows people strolling through Cathedral Square, past ChristChurch Cathedral and the chalice, The Press building lit up at night, the Bridge of Remembrance and Colombo Street filled with people living in more carefree times.


It is the first release from a collaborative project titled Songs in The Key, based around Christchurch producer and engineer Rob Mayes and an eclectic group of musicians.

Mayes drafted a series of rules which the artists followed to create new musical works. They had two hours to compose an original work based around the theme of 'slow'.

Together they form the tracks for the album Songs in the Key of Slow to be released by Mayes' long-standing Christchurch label, Failsafe Records.

Space and Place was composed and recorded by Leigh Franklin (guitar and vocals), Mark Roberts (guitar and vocals), Rob Mayes (bass, strings, brass and production) and Steve Birss on drums.

Its poignant chorus of ''streets of common ground, I remember, I remember'' and its visual reminders of our lost city will surely strike a chord with Cantabrians today.

''The song and its lyrics are now even more potent, poignant, and unexpectedly prescient post quake, as the song becomes a love letter to something we all lost,'' Mayes said.

See www.songsinthekey.bandcamp.com

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