Art and Stage

Iron Chicken helps performers take flight

Iron Chicken award helps performers go global

Prize money from the Press Critics Choice award helps performers bring their shows to the world.

Buskers: English gents get their act together

Aussie duo The English Gents go back to their acrobatic roots at the buskers festival.

From the West End to Christchurch

Sam Wills is back at the buskers festival with the original version of his hit show, Boy with Tape on his Face.

One-woman show takes cues from Jane Austen

Musical more than 'teacups and silliness'

Local performer Penny Ashton has brought her critically acclaimed show Promise and Promiscuity to the World Buskers Festival.

Lili la Scala delivers moving piece of cabaret

British diva Lili la Scala has returned to Christchurch with a gentle and, at times, emotionally raw show.

Urzila Carlson charismatic in freewheeling solo

It is refreshing to find a standup comedian who is not driven by angst and anger, and instead brings an endearing and relaxed stage presence.

Psychic has his cake and eats it

REVIEW: Just when you think Ian D Montford is a complete fraud, he cleverly reveals an audience member's secrets.

Buskers' return brings out the crowds

Great weather brings in the crowds

The World Buskers Festival is back in the Christchurch Arts Centre for the first time in four years.

Buskers Festival returns to Arts Centre

Dozens of performers descend on Christchurch for 10 days of wild entertainment.

Jethro Tull juggernaut hits Christchurch

Ian Anderson has arrived in Christchurch with his trademark flute in his backpack.

The magic of Handel's Messiah

Full credit to musical director Andrew Withington for a stunning performance of a classic holiday concert.

Dali makes surreal gallery cameo

Art thrives in the strangest places

A Christchurch rebuild worker has used his work tools to create fleeting works of art in the concrete columns beneath the Christchurch Art Gallery.

Dylan Horrocks graphic novel a 'love letter' to Christchurch

Dylan Horrocks pays tribute with comic book

The latest graphic novel from Dylan Horrocks is a "little love letter" to Christchurch.

Artwork transforms city wall

Another drab Christchurch building facade has been transformed into a colourful artwork.

Homecoming: Ladi6 at two Christchurch festivals

Ladi6 is headlining two major events in Christchurch this weekend - The Summer Starter and Christmas in the Park.

New CSO season holds plenty of promise

The CSO's 2015 programme indicates Benjamin Northey plans to ease into the job of chief conductor.

Arts crucial for the rebuild

OPINION: Warren Feeney, chairman of Arts Voice Christchurch, reviews the state of the arts in post-quake Christchurch and calls for more planning.

Giddy smiles at theatre's reopening

Velvet curtains, chandeliers, spectacular dancing and a standing ovation - last night's Isaac Theatre Royal opening was a truly giddy affair.

Water sculpture has been forgotten

Why does no-one want to rescue an elegant Avon River sculpture from its dense bed of weeds and discarded bottles?

Isaac Theatre Royal takes centre-stage

Champagne flowed for supporters, sponsors and punters at the grand opening of the Isaac Theatre Royal.

Isaac Theatre Royal prepares for opening night

Isaac Theatre Royal busy with last-minute work

DIY madness takes over foyer of Isaac Theatre Royal as workers complete last-minute touch-ups ahead of tonight's opening.

Isaac Theatre Royal opens today

Christchurch's historic Isaac Theatre Royal will reopen today after a $40 million rebuild.

Mass popularity is a stigma for Grahame Sydney

He may be New Zealand's greatest living painter but Grahame Sydney claims his work is disdained by art world nobs.

The cutting edge of circus

Triple world record-holding sword swallower Brianna Belladonna talks about eating light bulbs and touring NZ.

Uke orchestra tugging heartstrings

The Wellington Ukulele Orchestra could be selling out big venues, but instead they chose to play at a small community hall in a quake-hit suburb.

Salmonella Dub come home to Christchurch

Salmonella Dub founder has fond childhood memories of the Canterbury A&P Show, which the band will headline this week.

Theatre transformation a labour of love


OPINION: Christchurch can celebrate a third milestone in its slow return to normalcy with the Isaac Theatre Royal.

Inside the life of a motion capturer

Christchurch man Dan Barrett has gone from a polytech in his home town to hanging out with A-list movie stars at the Oscars.

One step closer to Broadway


Oh, the drama. A new Chch-based web series celebrates all things musical theatre.

Show aims to conquer cancer with laughter


Kiri Turner hopes 650 people will show up on Saturday to have a laugh to help conquer cancer.

Identities of retro shopkeepers trickle through

Reg Smith

Trevor Phipps was quick to spot his late brother-in-law behind the counter in an untitled series of 1977 photographs.

Check out these awesome street musicians

Sound Garden Gypsies

Newcomers to the quake city whip up a storm as they jam in central Christchurch.

Theatre reigns over cultural centre

Arts precinct

The Theatre Royal may soon boast neighbours such as an arthouse cinema, a music centre and the Court Theatre.

Isaac Theatre Royal's rebuild in numbers

Isaac Theatre Royal's ornate dome

About $3.6m of the $40m cost of rebuilding the Isaac Theatre Royal was spent replicating its plasterwork.

Isaac Theatre Royal: Despair to repair

Isaac Theatre Royal

History will judge the rebuilding of the Isaac Theatre Royal as one of Christchurch's great engineering achievements.

Do ghosts exist after a rebuild?

Ghostly figure walking up stairs

Isaac Theatre Royal's ghost was Charlie with legend saying he may have been a stagehand who died in a fall or an architect who hanged himself.

Chris Moore: University returns to city

arts centre

OPINION: Everyone wins with the School of Music and Classics Department's move into the Arts Centre.

Giraffes spring up around central city

Christchurch Stands Tall

Towering sculpture trail of colourful giraffes has risen up around Christchurch in a bid to raise spirits.

TEDx Christchurch 2014

NIgel latta

Nigel Latta regales TEDxChristchurch audience with tale of how he performed CPR on a dying man - who vomited in Latta's mouth. Watch live.

The Eastern's album inspired by Christchurch

The Eastern

Christchurch band The Eastern's latest release is an ode to "this flat and bruised city".

Working with Elvis a 'real treat'

Presley's favourite guitarist, James Burton, talks hamburgers, Hawaii and The King ahead of his NZ tour.

Christchurch photographer wins national award

Dennis Radermacher Photographer of the Year

Christchurch snapper wins coveted award for striking image of lake-swamped willow tree in Wanaka.

Hundreds of students will use Arts Centre

Arts Centre Old Chemistry Building

Hundreds of music students will use a repaired Arts Centre's building for eight years from April.

Fans see a diamond in the flesh


Lorde launches her first headlining tour of NZ with a bang at Horncastle Arena.

Lorde's first show in Christchurch

Lorde launches her first headlining tour in NZ with a performance in Christchurch tonight.

Artists gloomy over city plans

Christchurch rebuild

The rebuild will fail without more help for the arts, artists and art leaders say.

Christchurch clown turns playwright

Court Jester pens show about stag weekend

Dan Bain

Dan Bain must be one of only a few people who can say their higher education included being a "clown major".

Festa puts life back in the city's heart

Festa 2014

Next generation of NZ architects turn Christchurch's quake-damaged heart into a "spectacle of light".

TedX takes on new science focus

Siouxsie Wiles

Many speakers at the Christchurch conference will be modern-day scientists bringing the topic to a new generation.

From a doorstop to the Man Booker prize

Keri Hulme

In 1985, Keri Hulme didn't turn up to the Man Booker ceremony as she didn't think she had a chance - she won.
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