Review: White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

This play at the Court Theatre has a cunning conceit: the script is handed in a sealed envelope to a different actor each night.

Court Theatre: Mastering a risky business

Philip Aldridge, CEO of Christchurch's Court Theatre

In a meeting of art and commerce, the Court Theatre in Christchurch is one of the most financially successful theatres in NZ.

Tedium of married life?

Henry and Alice

A quip-laden play about a couple who have each developed techniques to relieve the tedium of their married lives.

Theatre downsize unlikely

Council is 'not listening to the arts community'

James Hay Theatre

The 1000-seat theatre in the Town Hall is unlikely to be re-sized despite calls from the performing arts community for a smaller venue.

From Rocky Horror to Frock'n'Roll

Richard O'Brien

Rocky Horror Show writer Richard O'Brien is helping to raise funds for the rebuild of the Isaac Theatre Royal.

Behind the smiling mask

Kvetch's smiling mask of politeness

REVIEW: Latest play from Top Dog Theatre is brutally frank, often shocking and very funny.

Chaos reigns supreme

Well Hung

REVIEW: Nearly 40 years later, the play's satirical impact is weakened, but its farcical elements are a delight.

They're all on the boat

Noye's Fludde

Weta and moa will join traditional northern hemisphere animals for a ride in Noah's Ark in a modernised retelling of an old tale.

Grease: tangible on-stage chemistry

Matt McFarlane and Lauren Marshall

REVIEW: The Court Theatre's new production of Grease is the must-see musical of the summer.

Judging the buskers

Do you have what it takes to be a critic?

REVIVING EFFECT: The World Buskers Festival has attracted people back to the central city.

Are you critical? Energetic? Witty?

A clever touch

How To Make Friends And Still Appear Normal

There is something real and earthy about How To Make Friends And Still Appear Normal.

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