Visual Art

Street art as fine art?

OPINION: Relocating an art form from the street to a gallery is problematic.

Street art pulls in crowds

Street artists create new colourful work on walls in Christchurch, attracting thousands of people.

Water sculpture has been forgotten

Why does no-one want to rescue an elegant Avon River sculpture from its dense bed of weeds and discarded bottles?

Retro shopkeepers recognised

Reg Smith

Trevor Phipps was quick to spot his late brother-in-law behind the counter in an untitled series of 1977 photographs.

Wild new art in central city

Christchurch Stands Tall

Towering sculpture trail of colourful giraffes has risen up around Christchurch in a bid to raise spirits.

Arts precinct plan 'outdated'


OPINION: It's time to face some hard realities about Christchurch's proposed performing arts precinct.

What's your best stadium memory?

Haast eagle

Six performance artists are set to enter the old AMI stadium and broadcast every story they can find relating to the site.

Fanfare campaign begins

Fanfare sculpture

A public fundraising appeal will be launched on Monday to bring a 24-metre sculpture to Christchurch.

Arts shows different side to NZ

Aaron Kreisler

Video of driver doing burn-outs and portraits of vegans among the Kiwi works at major Edinburgh art show.

Is a yellow square art?

Leigh Martin

OPINION: There's nothing like a robust, no-holds barred cultural debate over the age-old question: What is art?

City art branching out

New sculpture made from quake-salvaged wood

Wood from the Trees sculpture

Artist Regan Gentry today craned in the final pieces for his Wood from the Trees sculpture being installed in central Christchurch.

Sculptures moved to new gnome

Christchurch Art Gallery gnomes

A pair of shiny gnomes took to the sky yesterday in the Christchurch Art Gallery's next phase of proposed repairs.

Art rising from the rubble

chris moore

There's a concerted cultural stirring beneath the physical and psychological detritus left by the earthquakes.

Sophie gets stencilled

Paralympian adds to Re:Start Mall art project

Sophie Pascoe at Re:Start Mall

Paralympian swimmer Sophie Pascoe yesterday joined Christchurch school kids stencilling their faces onto hoardings in Re:Start Mall.

Catching shadows

Artist brightens up boarded-up shop frontages

shadow art new regent street

By night, Jeremy Sauzier captures the outline of people's shadows with a tripod, a light and a chalk pen. By day, he fills them in with shades of blue.

Wild art has charity appeal

Wild in Art

A flock of multi-coloured giraffes will be coming to Christchurch this summer to raise money for charities.

Flags of hope for recovery

Flag Wall

We have yet to find a single work of art to rally around as a lone symbol of city centre recovery, but Sara Hughes' Flag Wall certainly helps.

Who is mystery artist?

Chch loves Milton Springsteen - but who is he?

Milton Springsteen Fries With That

Street artist Milton Springsteen's true identity is a closely guarded secret.

New Zealand lacks art identity

Shane Cotton

OPINION: Is there such a thing as New Zealand art? With the disputatious bromides of Waitangi Day behind us, it's a timely question.

Big and bold

Bobby Hung

Even the stairwells of Canterbury Museum are getting the star treatment as it hosts the RISE street art festival.

Date diaried for gallery reopening

Christchurch Art Gallery

OPINION: I loathe being director of a closed gallery and I'm keen to see this one re-open, says Christchurch Art Gallery's Jenny Harper.

Let art make its mark

Christchurch Art Gallery

OPINION: Christchurch is blessed - or cursed- with an abundance of bare walls begging for creative intervention.

City gets a Rise

Roa moa

Street artist ROA has completed his large painting of a moa on the side of the Canterbury Museum.

Art wows crowds

Exhibition proves a hit with all ages

Rise street art exhibition

Street art is proving popular across Christchurch's generational divide.

Flocking to see Banksy

Exhibition breaks museum visitor record

museum street art exhibition

Canterbury Museum's street art exhibition has draws 7500 people in a weekend, an 'unusually high number'.

Stories inform red zone art

Cooper family

As a street artist explores the red zone, Charlie Gates revisits the stories that helped inform the work.

Artist resurrects red-zone houses

Red-zoned house lit up

Ian Strange has taken four condemned homes in Avonside, cut holes in them and then lit them up.

Removal 'cultural vandalism'


You have to possess the imagination of a tree stump not to be fascinated by this work.

Culture focus is missing

Brownlee mural

OPINION: Promote sport by all means, but please maintain Christchurch's creative spirit at the same time.

Netballers: A laugh a minute


REVIEW: For those who enjoy a laugh a minute, Kiwi humour and have ever played in a social sports team.

Updating 19th century satire


A new Christchurch production of The Mikado opens on Saturday.

Yoko Ono at 80

Yoko Ono

OPINION: Yoko Ono's first Australian survey exhibition is a reminder that genuine creativity never sleeps.

Repurposed hair cathartic for artist

Lara Mumby-Croft

A Christchurch artist is exploring why fallen hair is seen as digusting by making a rug from the remnants of haircuts.

Sculptor scoops $10k award

Sculpture on the Peninsula

Sculptor Tim Wraight was the winner of a Banks Peninsula exhibition's $10,000 prize.

$10,000 prize winner

Sculpture on Peninsula winner revealed

Birds by Juliet Novena Sorrel

Banks Peninsula is again the setting of a marriage between two New Zealand icons. Farming and sculpture have been integrated in the 2013 Sculpture on the Peninsula exhibition held on Loudon Farm.

SCAPE lays another egg

Festa 2013

OPINION: This year's SCAPE was definitely and categorically a curate's egg; excellent in parts but underwhelming in others.

A quake-inspired art sale

Robin Judkins

Art collector Robin Judkins is downsizing his collection after the Canterbury quakes spurred a change of heart.

Peninsula's sculpture set to inspire

Sculpture on the Peninsula Katharina Jaegar

OPINION: Nearly a decade ago Geoff Swinard had the notion of holding an annual exhibition of sculpture at his Governors Bay property.

Bull put in a box

$13,000 still needed to buy sculpture

Homer the bull

A final charge to 'bring back the bull' netted a further $1000 on Sunday towards keeping the distinctive sculpture in Christchurch.

Hope, humour, sadness

New sculpture reveals city's sentiment

chch artwork

A new Christchurch sculpture has been greeted with heartfelt messages of hope, humour and sadness.

'Street furniture' to enliven space

Treehouse sculptures

A series of interactive sculptures aim to bring new life to the city centre.

Quake brought into focus

Portraits from the storm

Doc Ross

Exhibition of 37 photographs of Christchurch people taken during the months after the February 2011 earthquakes opens.

Frizzell work for sale

Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke

It's arguably the most reproduced image in New Zealand art - and maybe also the most wanted.

Magician of Venice

Bill Culbert

Art luminary Bill Culbert recently made a fleeting visit to Christchurch, where he spent his formative years.

Pavilion first out of the Art Box

Christchurch Art Boxes

The first in a series of Art Boxes designed to provide Christchurch's arts community with central city studio, retail and exhibition space will open today.

Pinning life to the city

Gap Filler wall art

The Press has created a map of street art in central Christchurch and is inviting readers to contribute.

Town lit up by winning designer

Kevin Cawley

An award-winning designer receives plaudits for his light display at the Pallet Pavilion.

Tribute to port brigade

Alastair Suren

A volunteer fire brigade that found itself at the epicentre of Christchurch's devastating February 2011 earthquake has captured its experiences in print.

Tin Man's colouring contest

Tin Man by Stephen Pennruscoe

Tin Man creator Tony Cribb has designed a colouring competition for Press readers.

Public square for Lyttelton

$70,000 contest to spruce up heritage site

Ground Culinary Centre

Artists are being offered $70,000 to brighten up an empty Lyttelton site.

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