Meet the Vanilla Ice man

Vanilla Ice cart owner George Taylor.
Vanilla Ice cart owner George Taylor.

"We're so happy you're back" is the comment George Taylor and his wife, Raewyn, hear most often since their Vanilla Ice cart returned to Victoria Square.

Where did Vanilla Ice come from?

It was originally started by Victor Wilkinson in Lichfield St in 1926. He was formerly employed by Sali Mahomet [Icecream Charlie] in Cathedral Square, then went out on his own.

Why did you decide to set up in Victoria Square?

The Christchurch City Council made the decision to have Vanilla Ice and a former pie cart within the four avenues. Vanilla Ice was chartered to Victoria Square, which we feel is the perfect environment in which to relax and enjoy an icecream.

Where have you been since the February 2011 earthquake?

Due to the state of the central city, we decided to take some much-needed R and R, while issues were resolved.

What sort of response have you had from the public?

We've had overwhelming enthusiasm from the people of Canterbury.

Who buys your icecreams?

We serve mostly locals, but tourists also call in to get a vanilla ice.

How did you create the secret icecream recipe?

We bought the secret recipe with the business.

How long have you been serving the city icecream?

We started manufacturing and serving icecream in 1999.

What is the favourite flavour?

Vanilla ice with our homemade raspberry toppings.

What is the next step for Vanilla Ice?

The goal is to keep serving and keep our customers happy.

What's one thing Christchurch has lost that you'd bring back?

I would like to see the landmark Christ Church Cathedral rebuilt.

What's exciting you most about Christchurch at the moment?

The rebuild with buildings popping up all over the city.

Describe Christchurch in three words:

On the improve.