Pre-race party time

21:36, Nov 09 2011
JDV was a close second in our books.

Where's the perfect place for a Cup Day party? Thinking ahead, we tried a few choice spots and imagined we were off to the races.


JDV, Aikmans Rd, Merivale: 4/5

Attentive service, excellent food and a heated outdoor area make JDV an ideal place to start Cup Day festivities. You might find the prices a little exclusive, but with the Veuve Clicquot flowing, frankly, who cares.

Ambience 4/5  Service 4/5  Food 4/5



Holy Smoke, 650 Ferry Rd, Woolston: 4/5 (Avenues' favourite)

Get transport sorted and Holy Smoke has all the right components for Cup Day fun. The slick décor and spacious dining areas beg for colourful crowds and you can't go wrong with pre-race eggs benedict with bacon - full of flavour and sensible before a bubbly or two.

Ambience 4.5/5  Service 3.5/5  Food 4.5/5



Trevinos, cnr Riccarton Rd & Mona Vale Ave: 3.5/5

The nearest of our venues to the action, Trevinos is certainly a prime spot. Great service and food of mammoth proportions made our day - a sign of good things to come during Cup Week.

Ambience 3.5/5  Service 4/5  Food 3.5/5



The Grand Café, Christchurch Casino, 30 Victoria St: 3/5 

The high ceilings and the bright lights of the casino ensure this destination lives up to its name. However, the stakes are high in this competition and the café's food was not as appealing as that at the other venues.

Ambience 3.5/5  Service 3.5/5  Food 3/5