Symphony of scents

16:00, Nov 28 2013
LUXURY: A scent for everyone.

Fine-tune your senses this season to find a fragrance that strikes the perfect chord.

Versace Eros

Named after the Greek god of love, Eros brings to mind fresh linen and a new suit. With hints of mint, vanilla and then cedar wood, Versace's latest men's fragrance, in its aqua blue bottle, conjures a warm summer evening. EDT 100ml $120.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir

A spin-off from the original Viva La Juicy, this scent makes an immediate impression. Its wild berry and honeysuckle sweetness is complemented by a caramel finish, making it a youthful choice. EDP 100ml $195.

Swarovski Miss Aura


This floral fragrance floats perfectly in the subtle zone. Soft scents of rose, sweet pea and buddleia are joined by a fruity zing of grapefruit. EDT 50ml $135.

Elizabeth Arden Untold

There's always something sophisticated about Elizabeth Arden's scents. Untold is no different. Comprising a crisp mixture of fruity and floral tones, it's restrained by undertones of musk. EDP 100ml $129.

Yves Saint Laurent L'elixir

This elixir won't cure anything, but its scent sure is addictive. At first, tangy and sweet and later, softer with vanilla bean notes, it seamlessly covers all the bases. EDP 50ml $185.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red

As the bottle and name suggest, this is all about the colour red. Red grapefruit, red saffron and red cedarwood blend into a complex combination of wood and spice. It's easy to grow fond of this traditional, masculine scent. EDT 125ml $145.