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Last updated 22:16 29/04/2011

Eggs Florentine at Fava Café

There's no need to be polite when chowing down on this brunch bonanza. With two eggs poached to perfection, each on top of a generous bed of salmon, spinach and toast, you'll barely come up for air between mouthfuls. A gentle nudge with a fork is all it took to send the glorious yellow yolk flowing into the other elements of the dish. Smother it all in hollandaise sauce and you have a masterpiece. Get it down you!

Price: $16.80

Address: 236 Centaurus Rd, St Martins



Whole baby chicken at Meshino

An appealingly crispy, golden-brown baby chicken arrived on a plate beside a colourful grape pickle and creamy cabbage with chestnuts. Three bignet potatoes came a couple of minutes late, with apologies. The chicken was a touch overcooked, but the smooth, mild-tasting cabbage was an excellent accompaniment to the bird. The potatoes were yummy, while the grape pickle was an interesting mix of sweet and savoury. A good heart-warming meal for an autumn day.

Price: $18.50

Address: 75 Rutland St, St Albans


Seafood chowder at Styx and Stone Bar and Restaurant

A large bowl of thick, butter-yellow soup was laden with treats from the deep. Trawling through the liquid with a spoon, shrimp, baby octopus, baby mussels and some sort of semi-smoked, fleshy fish were found. Celery added crunch to the mix, while carrot and parsley contributed colour. The chowder was deliciously creamy, if not a little too rich. After a shake of salt was added, it was gratefully gulped down with a chunk of warm sourdough bread.

Price: $11

Address: Northwood Supa Centa, 1 Radcliffe Rd, Belfast



Ribeye steak sandwich at Beach Café

Roll your sleeves up before tackling this beast. A visual triumph of a sandwich was swiftly delivered by friendly and attentive staff. Beautifully cooked ribeye and lashings of dark, rich, caramelised onion were crowned with a perfectly runny fried egg. It was served on a token bed of lettuce and surrounded on both sides by crisp, fresh ciabatta. Golden crunchy French fries sealed the deal. A fine sandwich served in a relaxed beachside location.

Price: $20

Address: 16 Beach Rd, Waimari

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