The best curries

02:12, Jul 28 2011
Rogan josh
Little India's Rogan Josh combo was the winner this month.

Although many of Christchurch's favourite ethnic haunts are cordoned off, we found plenty outside the CBD.

Rogan josh combo at Little India

A medley of two very different curries makes this the perfect dish for someone who can't decide what to order. A rogan josh, full of melt-in-your-mouth lamb pieces and packing just the perfect amount of spicy punch, provided oodles of sauce in which to douse our rice. Meanwhile, a much lighter vegetable curry, full of tender roasted vegetables and chickpeas, was scooped up with pieces of poppadom. Tying the whole meal together was a wee dish of chopped tomato, red onion, cucumber and coriander - very tasty!

Price: $14.50      Address: 38A, Merivale Mall, Merivale


Butter chicken at Corianders


This perennial favourite is perfect for lovers of a large lunch. Boneless, succulent tandoori chicken cooked to the requested "medium-hot" was engulfed in a deliciously spicy and creamy tomato sauce, with a pinch of fenugreek and coriander. The butter chicken was served in a balti dish with a side of beautifully fragrant basmati rice and gargantuan naan bread. For a mere $10, this is a surprisingly substantial and scrumptious banquet.

Price: $10 lunch special     Address: 76 Edgeware Rd, Edgeware  


Heo xao cary (pork curry) at Five Star Vietnamese

A Vietnamese curry is certainly a different take on what New Zealanders usually think of as curry. It's drier, for starters. However, what it lacks in sauce it makes up for in the meat department. A mountain of meat, essentially resembling posh bacon, was lightly fried and drizzled in a mild peanut sauce. Some chunky onions were tossed through and the dish was served on a bed of lettuce. Rice can be ordered as a side. A different, yet delicious curry.

Price: $14, plus $2 for rice     Address: Cnr Ilam and Clyde roads, Ilam


Red curry at Merry Thai

Although more watery and soup-like than a traditional Indian curry, this Thai red curry wasn't short on flavour. We asked for "mild" and that's just what we got - a curry cooked with coconut cream and Thai herbs, afloat with frilly-edged carrots, green peppers, broccoli and, in our case, chunks of tofu. (Chicken, pork and beef are the other options). A generous pile of rice, shaped like an upturned boat hull, accompanied the curry. Our gluten-free friends can enjoy this one, too.

Price: $13      Address: 231 Papanui Rd, Merivale