The slice is right

23:47, Jul 25 2012
The Brewery's pizzas were a notch above the rest.

We targeted eateries prided for pizzas and discovered there are good slices to be found all over town.

The Brewery, Cassels & Sons, Woolston: 4.5 stars
The wood-fired pizzas at The Brewery prove you don't have to pile ingredients sky high to get knock-out flavours. We chose the Rakaia, with smoked salmon, capers, lemon juice and a scattering of rocket, and the Horotane, which lured us with its smoky bacon, blue cheese, thyme and pear toppings. Both were delicious and even the bases were morish - hard to beat!  
Range 4 stars
Taste 4.5 stars
Service 5 stars

Filadelfio's, 150 Colombo St, Sydenham: 4 stars
In a quirky American-style setting, we perused a menu with everything from Meatlovers to the delicious Vegetarian Works. We married the Indian Spicy Butter Chicken with Manhattan's chicken, apricot, cream cheese and rosemary, and were spoilt for flavour. Generous toppings, ample flavour and thick bases.
Range 4.5 stars
Taste 3.5 stars
Service 4 stars

Winniebagoes, 2 Waterman Place, Ferrymead: 4 stars
With a range of palates to appease, we opted for four flavours over our two medium pizzas. Spicy lamb shared with the classic chicken, cranberry and brie, while the Grand Chicago's lashings of ham and pepperoni rubbed shoulders with honey barbecue beef - a new favourite. What a feast. Winnies pizzas are heavy on the toppings and have doughy bases. Yum.
Range 4.5 stars
Taste 4 stars
Service 3.5 stars

Cocopelli, The Palms, Shirley: 4 stars
This gourmet pizza bar out east has a pleasing décor and courteous staff. We enjoyed the Pacifica, dubbed "an exotic take on Thai", as its curried chicken, sliced banana, cashew nuts and red onion were an unusual, yet tasty, combo. The Montonara was good, too, with chicken, sundried tomato, brie and sweet chilli and a centrepiece of pistachio sour cream. One diner dissed the high-edged bases, but overall, the pizzas were satisfying.
Range 4.5 stars
Taste 3.5 stars
Service 4.5 stars

Mediterranean Caffe and Pizzeria, 322 Tuam St: 3.5 stars
It's great to see the return of this favourite old haunt, albeit propped up with scaffolding and looking starker than usual. The thin-based Italian pizzas, hand stretched to order, with delicious toppings are as good as ever, though. Our favourite was the Ortolana, a medley of tomato, artichokes, red peppers, mushrooms, onion and mozzarella, one of several vegetarian options. Try though we did, we couldn't finish it and a request for a doggy bag was met with an incredulous look.
Range 4 stars
Taste 3.5 stars
Service 3 stars