Just desserts for winter

23:58, Jul 25 2012
The West Coast Bar & Grill proved a good warm spot.

The bonus to winter's chill? Digging into bowls of steaming hot pudding.


Paddy's blackberry crumble at The West Coast Bar & Grill, 43 Main North Rd, Papanui - 4/5
We never expected to find a waterfall in the middle of this rustic restaurant, or to receive such a warm welcome, but these nice surprises added to the reasons a repeat visit is a must. Paddy's blackberry crumble was delectable and fruity - eating it certainly wasn't a chore. Next time, we'll sample the range of West Coast Brewery beers on tap.
Dessert 3.5/5
Service 5/5
Snug factor 4/5

Paddy's blackberry crumble was the winner of this contest, boosted to vistory by its surroundings.

Cromwell crumble at Bealey's Speight's Ale House, 263 Bealey Ave - 4/5
Served in a soup-style bowl, this super-crunchy crumble was accompanied by cream, whipped cream and icecream, making it well-suited to a Southern Man's appetite. Our diner waddled out of the restaurant and needed a quiet lie-down after feasting on this.
Dessert 3.5/5
Service 5
Snug factor 4

Bread and butter pudding at The Grand Café, Christchurch Casino, 30 Victoria St - 3.5/5
In a roomy dining area, we joined both young and old during a weekday lunch hour. Although no-one else seemed to be skipping straight to dessert, we enjoyed the unpretentious and tasty bread and butter pudding offered as a special. It exceeded expectations, especially those held by our picky British taster.  
Dessert 4 stars
Service 4 stars
Snug factor 3 stars

Sticky date pudding at Strawberry Fare, 14 Bealey Ave - 3.5/5
Focused purely on the "warm desserts" section, we had a choice of caramel and hazelnut torte, sticky date pudding or orange and almond cake for a lunchtime treat. The setting was new, with a Hagley Park view from upstairs, but the desserts were as decadent as usual. The sticky date pud was hearty and flavoursome, and the banana icecream served with it was a hit. The service, however, could have done with a little warming up.
Dessert 4.5/5
Service 3/5
Snug factor 3/5

Individual apple champagne rhubarb pie at Jagz, 158 Hussey Rd, Styx Mill - 3.5/5
Seated in the sunroom on a fine day, it was hard to believe it was no longer summer. The individual apple champagne rhubarb pie was a feast too good to share. The cinnamon crumble, chantilly cream and vanilla icecream were delicious, but the champagne must have evaporated during the baking.  
Dessert 4/5
Service 4/5
Snug factor 3/5