Eating on the run

21:45, Aug 28 2012
Coq Au Van
A half-chicken platter with French fries and aioli couldn't be beaten.

"Now you see it, now you don't," would usually be the case for mobile eateries, but not in Christchurch.

Coq Au Van, corner of Papanui Rd and Bealey Ave - 5 stars
Grabbing a bite to eat at Coq Au Van was a warm and satisfying experience. We opted to share our half-chicken platter with French fries and aioli ($15) inside the Carlton Country Club, choosing a table in a prime position near the heaters. This was flavoursome restaurant-quality rotisserie food, beautifully plated - even with its wooden cutlery. We tried the twice-cooked pork belly, too, and will be ordering more of that on our next visit.

Base Woodfired Pizza
, in Re:Start's food court - 3.5 stars
Choosing a couple of $15 pizzas to share was easy. The Sgt Pepper drew us in with its pepperoni, sliced mozzarella, oregano, and chilli, while the Sir George couldn't be overlooked, due to its mini meatballs on top of bacon, pepperoni and barbecue sauce. The three of us devoured the thin-based circles in minutes, motivated by the frosty temperature at Re:Start and the delicious, simple flavours of these prime pizzas. We'll be back.

Thai Container, corner of Bealey Ave and Caledonian Rd - 3.5 stars
The cheap, cheerful and colourful Thai Container is the reincarnation of Isarn Thai, once found in the High to Hereford Food Court. From its caravan, we ordered a tasty and very reasonable lunch of spicy fried rice with chicken ($11.50) and a chicken red curry ($13.50), then ate off-site, as the current container is a kitchen, not an enclosed eating area - although that is on its way. To save time and keep warm, you can text or phone in your order.

Pure Espresso
, 118 Bealey Ave - 4 stars
The great thing about Pure Espresso is that the food served is good for you. It's all made by a wholefood chef and is as nutritious as it is scrumptious. The chicken raw-energy salad was initially chosen because it came in a noodle box (more often used by Asian takeaways), but it was an enviable choice, due to its roast pumpkin, red lentils and pesto flavour punch. The smoked chicken wrap was consumed with equal enthusiasm and both punters will be back for another round of wholesome food. We left full, for $16.70.

Rosie's Caravan, corner of Victoria St and Bealey Ave - 3.5 stars
Sandwiches, muffins and scrambled eggs were among the menu offerings on the day we walked into Smash Palace's lot and wandered up to Rosie's Caravan. To go, we ordered sandwiches with fillings of our choice ($7 each), boysenberry muffins ($4.50) and a quiche ($6), and were pleased with our flavourful choices. We were told pies, scones and high teas might make the menu soon, too. This is plain fare done well.