Fashion & Beauty

Turning wire into industrial-styled wearable accessories

This creative couple are turning stainless-steel wire into wearable works of art.

Three reporters try out fashion makeover services

Styling experts work their magic on three Stuff journalists. See the results.

Makeover for mothers: In praise of the mummy upgrade

Does being a mother to two small boys mean polished style flies out the window?

Oscar A-list movie stars treated to Wellington doctor's skin smoothing moisturiser

A moisturising cream created by a Kiwi doctor was gifted to famous faces at an Oscars party.

Beauty plus: Posing to inspire

Natasha Hutchinson is a mum, an insurance consultant - and a grand finalist in the Face of the Globe beauty pageant.

Summer's best scents


Looking for a new fragrance? We review the latest perfumes to treat yourself to this season.

Healthy beauty habits

Avenue beauty

Keeping skin in top condition is a fulltime job. Are these natural beauty products up to the challenge?

Beauty: Special extras


Apply a base coat and then enhance your features with a myriad of colours.

Symphony of scents


Fine-tune your senses this season to find a fragrance that strikes the perfect chord.

Men's fashion: winter 2013

Add a layer or two with confidence.

men's fashion

Layer up with ease, with stylist Lee Hogsden's winter looks.

Treat yourself this winter

Brighten up your winter face


 A splash of colour and a treat or two will make winter seem that little bit brighter.

How to wear a printed dress

Get colourful this winter.

women's fashion

Don't be afraid to wear print this winter.

Emerge from the shadows

Don't get lost in winter's dreary days


Be refreshed by products that remind us vitamin-D enriched times will return.

Bring out your feminine side


Add a touch of feminine flair with products that enhance the beauty within.

Lips and lids

Add impact with colour


Adding colour to your eyes and lips is like turning on the lights.

Beauty products for every other day


Like a spare pare of pantyhose, it's great to have these products at the ready, just in case.

Extra layers for men

Fashion inspiration for men

men's fashion

Autums has settled in and another layer is often needed.

Five ways with red pants

Inject red into your wardrobe


Five ways to look great in red pants.

An autumn wardrobe

men's fashion

Add an extra layer with these warm autumn options for men.

A touch of flair

Autumn inspiration


Forget summer; autumn is full of promise, with beautiful colours and scents to match.

Working a patterned blouse

women's fashion

Find out how best to show off a patterned blouse.

Men's accessories

men's accessories

Get the total look with these finishing touches for men.

Five ways to accessorise

women's accessories

Stylist Lee Hogsden finds some fitting accessories for summer.

Summer-inspired beauty products


Embrace the season and maintain a healthy glow with products that epitomise summer.

Summer looks for ladies

Women's summer fashion

The beach is beckoning!

Men: summer gear

men's shoes

Boys, it's time to get ready for summer.

Perfumed gifts for Christmas


What does your perfume say about you?

Cup Week beauty must-haves


In the home straight to Cup Week, consider what will complete your winning look.

Getting some beauty sleep

October beauty

Like the rest of our body, our skin rejuvenates overnight and this is the best time to give it a hand by using a luxurious night cream.

Cup Week fashion


It's time to think Cup Week. Don't leave it to the last minute!

Abracadabra! A new you


With a push of a button or wave of a wand, these products are designed to make a new look easy.

Five ways with sorbet

women's fashion

Bring together the sorbet colours of the season.

The shirt off his back

men's fashion

Spring shirt options for men.

A sporting chance

womens fashion

Lee shows ways to add some Olympic inspiration to your wardrobe.

Sporty men

men's fashion

Sportswear can be uber cool.

Casual winter styles for men

men's fashion

Keep warm with these great style choices for winter 2012.

Warmth for women


Keep yourself warm and in style with one of these gorgeous coats.

Winter men

men's fashion

A few ways for men to keep warm and fend off man flu.

Eyes on the prize


We eyed up some special treatments to make us look more like we once did.

Five ways with "after 5"


Lee Hogsden puts together outfits to make the perfect look for after-work drinks.

Neo '70s

womens fashion

Stylist Lee Hogsden shows us how the old looks are the new cool.

Manly winter style

men's fashion

Look good as the temperatures drop.

Beautiful gifts for Mum


Give Mum a little treat that makes her look and feel beautiful this Mother's Day.

Beach boys


A few options for men to get beachy.

Cheap date


Even though the bank account still has scars from the Christmas period, you don't have to freeze your assets.


women's fashion


Try out some of these looks and you'll happily go poolside.

Summer in shorts



Look sharp this summer in shorts.

Scents of summer


Put in a special request to Father Christmas and you could come up smelling like roses ... or liquorice.

Blank canvas


Forget diamonds; a great foundation is a girl's best friend.
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