Man in the nylon mask

El Jaguar

World Buskers Festival veteran Derek Flores, aka El Jaguar, says Christchurch audiences make him work hardest for laughs. This year, he'll host the festival's nightly comedy club and be set on testing our limits.

The best magazine moments of 2014


Avenues celebrates some of last year's best photos.

Summer surfing

Learn to Surf

While many people return to the office after the Christmas break, Aaron Lock stays at the beach, teaching people to surf.

The finest vintage


Jo Nixon-Sparkes and husband Paul are into all things retro, this extends to their 1954 Auckland Caravan Club caravan, Kitty, and family trips up the coast.

Meet the Vanilla Ice man

Vanilla Ice

"We're so happy you're back" is the comment George Taylor and his wife, Raewyn, hear most often since their Vanilla Ice cart returned to Victoria Square.

Around the Bays

Banks pen

Banks Peninsula is the ultimate summer playground, with its secluded bays, rolling farmland and starry skies. Explore for a day or, better still, check out these interesting places to stay.

One for the road


"A fun family project" is how Mark and Nicola Wilson describe doing up their 14-foot 1972 Oxford caravan. The end result is enough to tempt anyone on a camping holiday.

At home in the city

Inner-city living

What is being done to lure residents back to live within Christchurch's four Avenues?

Follow Kiwibank home


SPONSORED CONTENT: With the new home loan rules making the road to a first home a long and rocky one for many of these potential home owners, Kiwibank can, in some circumstances, help to get you into your first home with just a 10 per cent deposit.

Preference shareholders want action

Sharebroker hopes to know soon if watchdog will act for more than 3000 South Canterbury Finance shareholders.

The professional partier

Theme Productions

What's it like to be a professional party planner? Chris Stead knows. His job is to throw ultimate parties that people never forget.

City girl turns rural

A&P Show

Dedicated show attendee Sally Goldsmith has some top tips for getting the most out of the event.

Christchurch: A dream city


There's no shortage of opinion about how we really want Christchurch to look. What do the city's leading lights think?

A charming life

Rebecca Kain

Rebecca Kain, co-founder of home and giftware store Redcurrent, reflects on the art of giving and her vision for the new Christchurch.

Five easy mountainbike tracks in Christchurch

Colonial Knob mountainbike

Some tracks can be daunting for newbies, so we have compiled a list of five accessible tracks.

Taking the drama out of home loans


ADVERTISING FEATURE: With home ownership a goal for many New Zealanders, Kiwibank has two great packages on offer, including attractive home loan and home saver deals.

Christchurch's top five walks

Crater, Godley, Bridle - Which one is best?


The Port Hills offer a bird's eye view across the expansive Canterbury Plains to the Southern Alps.

Culinary tiki tour

Costas Taverna

Take a culinary journey through The Americas and Europe without leaving Christchurch city limits.

Meet Orana Wildlife Park keeper Sam Jeune

Cheetah cubs

Every morning, Orana Wildlife Park's carnivore keeper is greeted with hugs and loud purring by Boo and Lion, the playful cheetah cubs.

Mackenzie mini-break


With Mackenzie Country on our doorstep, it's easy to spontaneously hop in the car and head south for a short break.

On home ground

Dan Rutherford

Garden guru Dan Rutherford remains upbeat about the future of our Garden City despite the demise of the Ellerslie International Flower Show. He is hopeful an alternative show will emerge.

Passport to dine


With an eye to dining around the world, the Avenues team scopes the best places in Christchurch to satiate a craving for international cuisine.

Stars of service


Forget chefs and business owners. Meet some of Christchurch's hospitality stars - the ones going the extra mile to get our orders just right.

The grill: Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown

Chef Andrew Brown, of Burgers & Beers Inc and The George fame, is about to open The Dragon's Den Social Lounge in Colombo St.

The food crusade

Food Crusade

From the rubble, countless restaurants have emerged that are setting national dining trends. Could Christchurch become the nation's food capital?

King of victoria

Tony Astle

The owner of King of Snake, Mexicano's and The Dirty Land will soon reopen Chinwag Eathai.

The Grill: Tony Cribb

Tin Man

Tony Cribb is back after brain tumour surgery in November last year and on a creative roll, between naps.

Back to the future

Stranges Lane

Britomart Hospitality Group has spent the last few years developing bars and restaurants in Auckland. Now, its returning to its roots, with three new ventures in the Strange's Building.

The rocket men


With the New Zealand altitude record in sight, University of Canterbury engineering students George Buchanan and David Wright spend their days building rockets and launching them.

Street smart driving


The Transport for Christchurch website allows people to track real-time traffic flow information and anticipate delays by drawing on Bluetooth technology in cars and mobiles.

Travel: Celebrate history and nature in North Otago


Oamaru, a town often passed on journeys south, is a place where steampunk, Victorian buildings and a colony of blue penguins reign.

No escaping debt with virtual kitty


University of Canterbury graduates have created software to manage flat finances. Glassjar software stops the "carnage" of figuring out who owes what, founder George Smith says.

Life of tri

Andrea Hewitt

Despite the health troubles fiance, coach and fellow triathlete Laurent Vidal has encountered over the past few months, triathlete Andrea Hewitt is competing at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games this month.

South Island adventures with Haka Tours

Haka Tours

Haka Tours is offering people the chance to visit and ski six South Island mountains in seven days.

Ticket to ride

West Coast

Daisy Seely catches a train bound for the West Coast in search of an adventure. The TranzAlpine train transports her over distance and back in time.

Your guide to Canterbury's skifields

Ski guide

Ski season is upon us. Pattie Pegler looks at what Canterbury has to offer, to help you choose the best slope.

Gaylene Preston's quake drama

Gaylene Preston

The filmmaker's latest production, Hope and Wire, pays tribute to the resilience of Christchurch residents following the devastating earthquakes.

Humble abodes use space wisely

Tiny Houses

These Cantabrians have turned their backs on traditional home ownership and explored weird, wonderful and cheap ways to set up home.

The good, the bad and the ugly

Hit and miss: The May edition

King of snake

Ups and downs, highs and lows, Avenues picks hits and misses from around the city this month.

Meet the man behind the motivation

Bevan Eyles

When he isn't coaxing people out for a run, fitness instructor Bevan James Eyles plays the piano, meditates and enjoys some peace and quiet.

Does your workplace measure up?

Trade Me

Some companies organise fitness classes, others encourage playtime and some even allow sleeping on the job. Are Kiwi corporate outfits slowly coming to the party?

Health and wellbeing: Boxing 101


There's nothing like pummeling a punch bag to relieve stress. With a nemesis in mind, exercise binger Charles Anderson picks up boxing gloves for his latest fitness splurge.

Dancing in the dark

Beck Eleven

Beck Eleven joins a group of strangers for a night of dancing under the stars, without the lycra.

Heritage update: Saving our city's soul

"We've got to keep some history of the city."

Heritage Watch

Christchurch might have lost nearly half of its heritage buildings, but it is what we do with the rest of them that matters most.

Not your average garage: The mini cave

'A homage to the Mini'

Mini cave

A shrine to the Mini is taking over classic car restorer Paul Costin's garage. This man cave is a nod to the 1960s mod culture, with two full-sized minis sitting among vintage steering wheels, license plates and a khaki parka.

Here's the ultimate man cave

'I have an English pub in my shed'

English Pub

Shaun Maloney has built an old English pub complete with a 'snug' for the ladies, in his backyard in North Canterbury.

Canterbury's rural playground

Mt Somers

Tired of the big smoke? Just an hour from Christchurch, Mt Somers is the perfect starting point for a Mid-Canterbury adventure.

Insider: What's new in the city?

Deli Garcia

From new bars and restaurants to where to go for the best deli goods, this insider guide has the latest on Christchurch's new and existing businesses.

Sumner local makes scents


Sandra Anderson believes we are what we absorb. With that in mind, she creates fragrances with botanicals, drawing on the origin of perfumes to make her luxury scents.

Shepherd's Hut makes modern home


She has a small herd of dressage horses and he has an expanding Holden collection and this modern home, which musters all the charm and character of a backcountry abode, provides space for both.
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