Lemon caramel meringue cake

By anna

Lemon lovers will delight in this citrus overload.

Ginger and sticky date cake

ginger cake

Sugar Baby Cakery's decadent creation puts a modern twist on the classic fruit cake.

Recipe: Bee-sting cake


Opawa Bakery and Cafe's baker, Detlev Stukenbrok, uses a versatile sweet dough to make his signature bee-sting cake. He tops it with honey and almonds, and fills with vanilla custard.

Chocolate, stout and caramel tart

Chocolate tart

Invercargill's Pitch Black sweet stout is the secret ingredient of this chocolate and caramel tart made by Pomeroy's Old Brewery Inn's chef, Brad Kneale.

Eat like a Crusader

Corey Flynn's honey-glazed roast chicken

Honey-glazed chicken

Veteran hooker Corey Flynn likes to spend a Sunday night indulging in a honey-glazed roast chicken with the family. He shares his secret recipe.

Anna Thompson's zucchini fritters


Start with a fritter base and add a long list of favourite ingredients. In this case, zucchinis and cheese enter the mix.

Jess Simson's almond fruit crumble

almond fruit crumble

This dessert can be reinvented over and over again.

Recipe of the month: Roasted hazelnut meringues with white chocolate mousse

Gluten-free special

Just Desserts

For Just Desserts' chef Nic Peters, there is no better ingredient with which to cook than chocolate. Here he uses Belgian white chocolate to create a silky mouse to accompany hazelnut meringues.

Warm lamb salad

lamb salad

Fresh, light and with just the right amount of spice.

Three cheeses and spring green stuffed mushrooms


Parmesan, halloumi and ricotta make this a must-try for cheese lovers.

Strawberry meringue cake


If you've got strawberries to spare, this cake is a must.

Pea salad

Pea salad

Goat's cheese, toasted hazelnuts and a mint and shallot vinaigrette really spice up this pea salad.

Crayfish salad


A light but filling fix of crayfish, capsicum and spinach.

Trifle, Trifle, Trifle


The sweet joys of layered trifle topped with whipped cream and fresh berries.

Roast muscovado brined turkey


For chef Jacob Stanley, a summer Christmas in New Zealand means delicious seafood, with all the trimmings. 

Mid-morning feast


Stack these pancakes high.

Brunch o'clock


An Italian favourite is given a brunch twist.

Savoury scrambled eggs


With a few extra ingredients, scrambled eggs can be taken to new heights.

Shrimp and avocado salad


Will Sands' shrimp salad is an adaptation of the dish his father served at his gastro pub in England.

Limoncello meringue pie


Will Sands uses limoncello liquer to give his meringue pie extra zing.

Grand Marnier and orange parfait


Finish the evening with an citrus dessert.

Lamb rumps on lentils


Lou Bentley serves up lamb with accompaniments sourced from Banks Peninsula.

Seafood chowder


John Gerrad serves up his favourite chowder.

Seared venison loin


There is no doubt your dinner guests will be impressed by this dish.

Smoke your own salmon


Make a colourful plate with salmon as the centrepiece.

A family favourite tiramisu


Glyn Abbott's tiramisu is a family favourite.

Mulled wine recipe

Mulled wine

Warm up your insides with a glass or two of mulled wine.

Texas-style braised brisket


A tantilising dish of brisket with Texan flavours.

A tasty zesty dessert

Lemon delicious

A favourite in his home, Ronnie Fisher shares a citrus dessert.

Guatemalan black bean soup

Add flavours from Guatemala to your next dinner.

Chicken involtini with mash

Chicken involtini

Something satisyfing for a winter's night.

A tangy pear tarte tatin

Saffron poached pear tarte tatin with blue cheese

Tarte tatin

With a chilli kick, this tart is a rich entree.

Mulled Pimm's

Something to warm the cockles


The perfect drink to enjoy by an open fire.

Rhubarb clafoutis

You'll master this first time around


Rhubarb and ground almond combine to make this tasty number.

Feijoa frangipane tart

A delightful dessert making use of feijoas


While these green gems are in season, turn them into a delightful dessert.

Quinoa fritters with chipotle aioli


It won't just be the vegetarians fighting over these fritters.

Vegetarian, gluten-free curry

Massaman curry

A curry that doesn't even need meat to knock your socks off.

Weet-Bix crumbed manchego

A flavour hit on a stick


These wee beauties have been on Fiddlesticks' menu since last year's opening.

Get creative with Angus

Served with malted onion puree and pumpkin

Beef fillet

Flavour and colour are key components of this designer meat dish.

Deconstructed Nutella cheesecake

Turn breakfast into dessert


Take Milo and Nutella and create an amazing cheesecake.

Single-origin coffee custard

Coffee custard

Take the finest coffee and turn it into a very tasty custard.

Taste of the ocean


This dish is designed to emulate the taste of the sea.

How to make ricotta

Become an expert cheese maker


Become an expert cheese maker and master making ricotta.

Lentils with smoked bacon and more


Jason Burney serves lentils with smoked bacon, grilled aubergine and rocket crème fraîche.

Panna cotta with a lavender twist

panna cotta

Panna cotta gets the lavender treatment.

Chicken legs get stuffed

Stuffed chicken

With couscous salad and salsa.

Salmon ni├žoise

Salmon nicoise

A delicious summer salad where salmon takes pride of place.

Sweethearts berry meringue


Meringue and berries make a blissful combination.

Prawn skewers with greens

Prawn skewers

These skewers will disappear at your next family barbecue.

Raw beetroot and fennel salad

Beetroot and fennel

Raw beetroot and orange make for a salad as bright as it is tasty.
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