My style: Lynn Woods

SEEING GOOD THINGS: Lynn Woods at home.
SEEING GOOD THINGS: Lynn Woods at home.

Twenty-five years ago, Lynn Woods was at home with her two teenage daughters wondering how she could make ends meet.

Unexpectedly thrust back into the workforce, she decided to embrace her love of fashion and start selling an Auckland label called Trish Gregory from a studio at her house.

Fast forward to 2012 and Woods has grown her business into one of the city's leading fashion stores, including opening a Trelise Cooper flagship store.

There have been some challenges however, most recently the earthquake which spelled the end of the Trelise Cooper store and saw her Victoria St boutique shut for months. Determined to be part of the Christchurch rebuild, Woods opened the Trelise Cooper shop in Re:Start.

"I can't imagine doing anything different," she says.

"I've never woken up and thought I don't want to go to work today.There are so many good things happening, especially where we are in Victoria St and in Cashel Mall; they are going to be great shopping destinations."

We asked her to share her style secrets.

Is there one word to describe your style?

Feminine with a touch of glamour. That's more than one word but I always like to be slightly understated and add a touch of glamour to an outfit, whether it be a piece of jewellery, heels, fur or leather.

Do you have have slobby track-pants days?

Even if I go to the supermarket I'm always aware of what I'm wearing, although I love Sundays when I don't need to think about my outfit for the day. My all-time favourite "Sunday" look is cargoes, T-shirt and sandshoes with a cashmere cardie thrown over.

The best style advice I ever heard was . . .

My mum, who is 99 and always points out to me when I go down to see her in Dunedin whether I look good or not, has always said to me: "Make sure you always have clean shoes and decent underwear".

What will you never wear?

Puffer jacket and Crocs

Do you have any favourite fashion pieces you will never throw out?

A black Trelise Cooper coat with sequined angel wings on back.

Do you divide your wardrobe into work/weekend/glam?

No, I have it divided into styles. Pants/tops/dresses/jeans. That way I can work out my outfit from top to toe. I also have a very "open" wardrobe where friends and family like to "borrow" pieces for occasions, the only problem is remembering who borrowed what when I go to find it to wear.

Do you have a favourite designer or label?

Trelise Cooper and a new Italian label we have just secured arriving in-store for summer called Twin Set.

Where is your favourite place to go shopping?

Paris - romantic grandeur at its most splendid.

What do you spend money on?

My grandchildren

What's your pet hate?

Staff not wearing lipstick

I hope I never have to . . .

Outlive my children or grandchildren

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