My style: Yvonne Lorkin

02:43, Sep 05 2012
Yvonne Lorkin
YVONNE LORKIN: "I can't live without my go-everywhere Nine West boots."

If there is a story behind a wine, you can be sure that wine writer and commentator Yvonne Lorkin knows it.

After fibbing about her age to get a bar job Lorkin has developed an acute appreciation for things fermented.

"It really started when we were closing up about 3am and the bar manager came and gave me a bottle of Te Mata Coleraine 1989 that was largely undrunk and said, 'You should try this'. It was a really expensive wine and as I sat with a glass, I knew I had tasted something really special."

The moment kick-started an interest that culminates this month in Lorkin's first foray into television: Thirsty Work, a seven-part series that unearths the stories behind some of the country's characterful brewers and winemakers. It screens on Wednesdays at 9:30pm on Food TV.

Lorkin says the experience of making television has been fantastic. 'I really wanted to create a show that encourages people to look beyond what's in their glass and connect with what they're drinking on a personal level,' she says. 'It's also good to able to give people handy hints about wine so they can sound flash in front of their friends!'

Zest asked Lorkin about the other interests in her life.


The best style advice I ever heard was . . .

"Girl. you've got decent boobs, square hips and a bit of a bum; V-necks and A-line skirts will never let you down". Thanks Dad.

What will you never wear?

White pants - yuk. Or anything yellow.

Do you have a favourite designer or label?

Nga Waiata's jewellery and I'm a big Salasai fan.

Do you have a favourite treasure?

My late nana's brag book of baby photos, my mum's engagement ring, my head girl pin and the bottle of 1977 Blue Nun I was given when I was crowned the 2012 Summer of Riesling Queen.

How would you sum up your style?

Sadly, way more tame these days than I'd like. Because I don't have much time to shop, I tend to buy things on impulse from window displays and if they fit I wear them until they fall apart then I move on to a new look. So my style is whatever I can afford that doesn't make me look like the back of a blonde bus.

Do you have favourite fashion pieces?

I can't live without my go-everywhere Nine West boots. But my vintage black duffle coat and gunmetal grey, Mary Poppins style long coat are lifelong friends.

What songs get you on the dance floor?

Rock Lobster by the B52s, Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant & Too Much Too Young by The Specials.

What is your favourite season?

Autumn. I'm a sucker for the colour explosion and I'm addicted to foraging, so in autumn I can indulge in my three favourite f-words: figs, feijoas and fungus.

You are given $1000 - how do you spend it?

On a fantastic, properly useful present for my husband, like a chainsaw or something.

It it had been up to me . . .

I would have insisted our kids name our cat something other than Charlotte Dawson.

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