What you were wearing: September 26

00:10, Sep 26 2012
What you were wearing
Erin Benyon, Henry Sunderland, Biwen Ye and Liddy Wardhaugh.

Erin Benyon

I like to be comfortable but still keep up with the trends. At the moment I really like colours that pop. My shirt is from an online store Nasty Gal. I prefer "flowy" pants as opposed to tighter jeans now we are moving into summer. My pants are from a shop in Australia and I bought my shoes online but they don't have a brand.

Henry Sunderland

My secondhand jacket is a gift from a colleague and my top was a gift from my wife. I bought my glasses online and had the lenses fitted at Groovy Glasses. Since then the store has stocked the brand but they call them Henry Glasses! Many people have thin glasses that just go straight across, I have always worn round glasses. I don't do it purposefully, I do it because I feel comfortable. I don't know if I have got taste, I don't care, I am me. Good taste is the first refuge of the non-creative, it's the last-ditch stand of the artist. I guess what I am saying is let's all be individuals and just feel comfortable about it.

Biwen Ye

I read fashion magazines for my ideas. My top is from China and my shorts were a gift from a friend. I was going to study fashion design but I decided to do graphic design instead. I don't think this really influences what I wear, I just wear what I like! My shoes were a gift from my mum and I bought my leggings from a Chinese online store based in Auckland.

Liddy Wardhaugh

I like things that other people usually don't. For example, my cardigan from Valley Girl, has a reindeer pattern on it. My boots are from the Warehouse and my top is from Jay Jays. I have had these boots for ages but I love them, they have character. I try to find stuff that is a bit different. I don't like looking the same as everyone else.


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