What you were wearing: August 15

01:14, Sep 03 2012
What you were wearing
Scott Mackenzie, Sherif Ibrahim and Georgia Jones.

Scott Mackenzie

Studying law and philosophy affects what I wear. I like a modern and formal look and I think my studies bring out the more flamboyant side of my style. My shirt is from Working Style, the hat and waistcoat are from Barkers and my Levis jeans are from the United States.

Sherif Ibrahim

I am studying commerce at Canterbury. I have just been listening to some hip-hop. It motivates me and sometimes influences what I wear but then again I just like to dress well. My pants, shoes and T-shirt are from Country Road and the scarf is from Meccano. I think this jacket is by Sol Cal.

Georgia Jones

I bought my dress from an H&M shop in France and my boots are from Number One Shoes. I go for the specials but try and do things up nicely. Today my "point of difference" is my belt, which used to belong to my dad. I like belts with dresses, kind of the boho look. I don't dress this way every day, I try and keep it different so one day I might be quite sophisticated but other days at uni I just want a more chilled-out look, but I would never go out in bum pants or anything like that! I think it's good to put some effort in.


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