What you were wearing: August 22

Jono Moran, Vasilije Rakovic, Sukshma Paranjpe and Matthew Veitch.
Jono Moran, Vasilije Rakovic, Sukshma Paranjpe and Matthew Veitch.

Jono Moran

My clothes are pretty much all from Infinite Definite. I started making and designing my own stuff before I started Infinite Definite. Then, generally I'd buy the clothes I ordered in from the suppliers and mix it up with stuff I made. The shoes are Gram which is a Swedish brand. Jeans are by Ksubi. It is a Norse Projects jacket and the shirt is one I made for last winter's collection. I pull influences from all over. Fine art, graphic design, movies, music or maybe some more heritage-ish menswear stuff like some rad old denim jackets; they trigger inspiration. There isn't one consistent thing that's an influence. I just like being practical and wearing whatever is going to be good for the day.

Vasilije Rakovic

I like quality clothes. I try to keep it simple and don't complicate things too much. I also like stuff I don't mind getting a bit dirty. The shirt is from a second-hand store on K Road in Auckland. My scarf was a gift and the jacket is from Hallensteins. My shoes are from Overland. I don't think I have too much of a point of difference, because in architecture you're always trying to be polite and everything. You want to look respectable but not too stand-outish.

Sukshma Paranjpe

I have done a fair bit of travelling. It's good to see what fashion is like in different places around the world. Most of what I'm wearing comes from overseas but I can't remember all the exact stores. My coat is from a department store in London and the dress is from a shop in the South of France. My boots are from Wild Pair and the belt I picked up in Australia. I like earthy tones, nothing too bright, mainly blacks, beiges, browns. I don't believe in buying super-expensive clothing. I think sometimes people associate fashion with labels but I prefer going for things that just look good. I have a few expensive pieces but it's never about the label for me.

Matthew Veitch

Most of my gear is from Top Shop which is a UK brand that has just come to Melbourne. I am originally from Christchurch but have moved to Australia where I am an apprentice electrician. My Frank Perry shoes are from Prime in Melbourne. I rarely go shopping but my girlfriend insisted I spend some of my pay cheque on some new clothes. Usually I would wear more black so it was a good chance for me to throw a bit of colour in there. A friend of mine gave me these bright yellow Ray Ban inspired sunnies.

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