What you were wearing: August 22

01:06, Sep 03 2012
What you were wearing
Jono Moran, Vasilije Rakovic, Sukshma Paranjpe and Matthew Veitch.

Jono Moran

My clothes are pretty much all from Infinite Definite. I started making and designing my own stuff before I started Infinite Definite. Then, generally I'd buy the clothes I ordered in from the suppliers and mix it up with stuff I made. The shoes are Gram which is a Swedish brand. Jeans are by Ksubi. It is a Norse Projects jacket and the shirt is one I made for last winter's collection. I pull influences from all over. Fine art, graphic design, movies, music or maybe some more heritage-ish menswear stuff like some rad old denim jackets; they trigger inspiration. There isn't one consistent thing that's an influence. I just like being practical and wearing whatever is going to be good for the day.

Vasilije Rakovic

I like quality clothes. I try to keep it simple and don't complicate things too much. I also like stuff I don't mind getting a bit dirty. The shirt is from a second-hand store on K Road in Auckland. My scarf was a gift and the jacket is from Hallensteins. My shoes are from Overland. I don't think I have too much of a point of difference, because in architecture you're always trying to be polite and everything. You want to look respectable but not too stand-outish.

Sukshma Paranjpe

I have done a fair bit of travelling. It's good to see what fashion is like in different places around the world. Most of what I'm wearing comes from overseas but I can't remember all the exact stores. My coat is from a department store in London and the dress is from a shop in the South of France. My boots are from Wild Pair and the belt I picked up in Australia. I like earthy tones, nothing too bright, mainly blacks, beiges, browns. I don't believe in buying super-expensive clothing. I think sometimes people associate fashion with labels but I prefer going for things that just look good. I have a few expensive pieces but it's never about the label for me.

Matthew Veitch

Most of my gear is from Top Shop which is a UK brand that has just come to Melbourne. I am originally from Christchurch but have moved to Australia where I am an apprentice electrician. My Frank Perry shoes are from Prime in Melbourne. I rarely go shopping but my girlfriend insisted I spend some of my pay cheque on some new clothes. Usually I would wear more black so it was a good chance for me to throw a bit of colour in there. A friend of mine gave me these bright yellow Ray Ban inspired sunnies.


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