What you were wearing: August 29

00:53, Sep 03 2012
What you were wearing
Richard Burson, Laura Sulz, Kailim Renwick and Bernice James.

Richard Burson

A lot of influence comes from my design background. As a designer, I guess I'm always quite aware of things visually so I like to show that with what I'm wearing. My hat is part of my own label, which I started with a few friends, it's called Paradise Supply Co and the hats will be in Infinite Definite this week, which is cool! It's still kind of wintry so I'm into my darker colours but I've got to have something a bit brighter that pops out - like my shirt, which is from the Huffer store in Dressmart (also the jacket).

Laura Sulz

Kmart! That's where most of my clothes are from. Shoes are from The Warehouse, the cardi and bag are from Glassons and everything else is from Kmart. I don't have too many influences, but the main one would probably be websites like tumblr, and then just people around me. There are always other students around school who influence what I wear.

Kailim Renwick

To me, fashion is a personal thing. What I choose to wear comes from (many) influences but then I try to express my own personal style also. I would like to think in some ways I would influence other people and be a trendsetter. My shirt is from an op-shop and, because I work at Amazon, I have a bunch of gear from there. Pants are Amazon and shoes are Front Runner. I am a youth worker, so I hang out with lots of young people. What they wear definitely rubs off on me and sometimes they will see something different that I wear and that influences them. I try to be modest, which I think is important.

Bernice James

I have always had an eclectic mix of clothing. My scarf is from Frogmore, the coat is from Identity in Westfield and the boots are from Moda Bella, but they're not all new finds. I got the handbag down in Arrowtown and these are Lacoste sunglasses. I like to pick things up a long the way and I like to buy quality. I used to make a lot of my own clothes but can't really be bothered now - maybe every now and then. Work gets busy and after the quakes I didn't have the time. I work at the hospital and each day someone will say "what have you got on today?" You could say I'm not your normal grandmother, I'm too trendy is what my son says.


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