Jane Montgomery's life of two halves

WELL ORGANISED: Life is busy for barrister Jane Montgomery but she wouldn't have it any other way.
WELL ORGANISED: Life is busy for barrister Jane Montgomery but she wouldn't have it any other way.

If you listed everything you ate and drank over one day what would it reveal? Fast-food or slow cooker? Takeaways or tuck into home cooking? Kate Fraser invites busy people to share a day's food and beverage intake.

Jane Montgomery has a life of two halves.

As a barrister, Monday to Friday she is at her rooms in the city. Weekends, she has a stall at Lyttelton Farmers Market for her family's business Cheviot Hills Fine Foods.

"I've been a specialist intellectual property lawyer for more than 20 years. It's the area of law that I enjoy most. The legal principles are interesting and I get to work with people from a range of industry sectors.

"Cheviot Hills Fine Foods sells our farm reared (award-winning) venison and a range of preserves. A complete contrast to my role as a lawyer.

"I'm working with my brother and sister-in-law who farm deer where we grew up. In 2009, they decided to add value to the venison, and I offered to help them out by dealing with the compliance side.

"I'm now chief sales girl and I also make all the preserves and take-home meals we sell at the farmers market. People often ask how I deal with the legal practice and the Cheviot Hills business. Being organised is crucial. Life is busy but I wouldn't have it any other way."


6.45am: Half a cup of tea and three pieces of homemade gluten-free sourdough toast with peanut butter. I've been gluten free for several years after blood tests showed a high intolerance. The sourdough is a work in progress but I'm reasonably happy with it so far.

9am: Feeling peckish. Have a handful of dried bananas from the Lyttelton Harbour Co-Op behind our market stall.

9.30am: Coffee: Flat white. The market coffee cart and Civil & Naval do good coffees and both are in easy reach. Today's choice is from the coffee cart.

12.15pm: Asian pork belly sandwich (using my own GF bread) from Ground's stall. Delicious.

3.05pm: After about an hour of unpacking and cleaning after the market, I have a restorative cup of tea with a couple of crumbly muesli-like biscuits I made earlier in the week.

5.45pm: A few slices of the bresaola I cured in autumn. I'd love the time and space to perfect the craft of dry curing meat.

7.15pm: Venison medallions, steamed vegetables and rice, adapting Ray McVinnie's Vietnamese-style venison recipe. Friday and Saturday dinners always include carbs, as Sunday is my day for a long run in the hills. Water with my meal.

8.30pm: A whisky.


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