Thousands at Wine and Food Festival

05:47, Dec 08 2013
GOOD DAY FOR A TIPPLE: (from left) Friends Bonnie Smith, 24, Kim Roberts, 25, and Richard Andrew, 28 have fun.
STAMP OF APPROVAL: Sally McPherson gives her wine the smell test.
A WILD STARE: Taking in the sights.
GIRLS DAY OUT: Trekessa Manu, 22, and Jdana Tosh, 22.
FUN TIMES: Trekessa Manu, 22, taking in the atmosphere.
PERFECT DAY: An estimated 7000 turned out to enjoy the festival in Hagley Park.
CHILLIN': Taking time out in the shade on a scorcher of a Saturday afternoon.
LADIES: Sam Harris, left, enjoys a wine by the lake with Candice Mangan.
SUMMERS DAY OUT: It was perfect weather for the thousands enjoying the wine and food.
WINES ON: Jocelyn Anderson of Giesen Wines pours a glass for a punter.

Wine flowed, the smell of delicious food wafted, and Cantabrians felt the summer vibe at the South Island Wine & Food Festival on Saturday.

By 2pm there had been nearly 5000 people through the entry gates of the annual festival, with another 2000 expected by the day's end.

This year's tree-sheltered, lakeside location at Hagley Park offered welcome respite from the scorching sun as patrons tasted the many wines on display.

Sally McPherson
FESTIVAL-GOER: Sally McPherson was pleased with the range of wines available.

First-time attenders to the festival Bonnie Smith, 24, Richard Andrew, 28, and Kim Roberts, 25, were enjoying the heat and the chance to critique the different wines.

According to Andrew: ''It's like Cup Day, but without the boring horses.''

Heather Symes, of Christchurch, said it was a nice crowd of people, and with nice music.


Trekessa Manu
LUCKY: Trekessa Manu, 22, was pleased to get a ticket a day before the festival sold out.

Her friend Sally McPherson said it was great to see the smaller wines making more of an appearance at this year's festival.

''There are even ones that are commonly available in the supermarket.''

Trekessa Manu, 22, said she was lucky to get a ticket yesterday since they were sold out today. ''It is beautiful weather, at a perfect time of year, so it is good to kick start summer with it.''

Sam Harris and Candice Mangan
RELAXED: Sam Harris, left, enjoying a wine by the lake with Candice Mangan.

Sugar Loaf Wines founder Kate Acland said the festival was a great way to get her product out there.

She founded the wine, named after the islands off the Taranaki coastline where she grew up, in 2004 when she was just 23 years' old.

But she lives now in Canterbury, where the name has significance to Christchurch too. It was the first festival she had been involved with in three years.

''It's been really good. Better than we expected.''

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