Review: Honeypot Cafe

INVITING SPOT: Honeypot Cafe on Colombo St has a relaxed atmosphere and great food and drink.
INVITING SPOT: Honeypot Cafe on Colombo St has a relaxed atmosphere and great food and drink.

New Ownership has breathed a whole fresh lease of life into the Honeypot Cafe.

This Colombo St cafe has been on my "I must get around to eating there" list for several months. We stroll in close to lunchtime one wet Saturday and immediately feel at home. This cafe has the rare ability to make the punter feel at ease, at home and relaxed immediately.

The large counter has an impressive display of baked goods and there are plenty of magazines to tempt you into staying for a while.

We immediately order a couple of large flat whites and they are promptly served.

Mine is hot and tastes nice and strong but Mandy, who works in the barista trade, reckons the milk has too many bubbles. Either way, the coffees get a commendable pass mark.

The lunchtime menu is extremely varied and offers a striking variety of meals.

Mandy orders the ‘Jezebel' - fancy by name, fancy by ingredients. This cracker feed comprises free range chicken, streaky bacon, topped with melted brie on toasted sour dough with some fresh-as green salad and smeared (not too little, not too much) with avocado and cranberry jelly.

I choose the soup of the day which is mediterranean vegetables. The meal is overflowing with fantastic flavours including tomato and is a really hearty and filling meal. The side of toasted herb garlic bread is a perfect complement to what is a really satisfying offering.

Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs - we had planned to tuck into a dessert each but the meals are so filling, the tempting dessert menu will have to wait for our next visit . . . and there will be a next time.

Honeypot Cafe is a great find on the edge of the central business district. The staff are attentive and friendly but not in your face. The place has a very inviting atmosphere and the menu is one of the most diverse and appealing I've come across in Christchurch.

It looks like it would be well worth a repeat visit earlier in the day to take advantage of what looks to be a very appealing breakfast menu. And, open late Wednesdays through to Saturdays, I would not be surprised if its evening dining options are just as appealing.

Honeypot Cafe, 458 Colombo Street, Christchurch 

Cafe: open Monday and Tuesday, 7am - 4.30pm; Wednesday to Saturday, 7am - 11pm; Sunday, 8am - 9pm

Go again? Yes, definitely 

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