Where's Christchurch's best souvlaki?

Last updated 12:27 09/10/2013
Christchurch souvlaki
Dean Kozanic/Fairfax NZ
FRESH AND TASTY: A classic souvlaki.

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Christchurch has embraced souvlaki and Abbie Napier is on a mission to find the best in the city.

Taste of Egypt is bunched in with a cluster of small shops at the northern end of Papanui Rd. The place is pumping, with a queue to order, a queue to collect, and more people crowding in all the time.

We ordered two large souvlakis, one lamb, one chicken by phone for pickup. Telephone manner could be improved.

The lamb is lovely with a pile of juicy, perfectly seasoned meat stuffed into a slightly crispy wrap. Taste of Egypt cuts its meat small and the result is a souvlaki easy to eat with a plastic fork. The salad, lettuce and tomato, is crispy and fresh, with tangy yoghurt sauce, mild chilli, and a runny hummus-style topping. An excellent eat.

The chicken is also chopped small, and is seasoned with a slight spice. Chicken easily dries out when cooked but the guy working the grill has it down to a fine art.

Packaging is fantastic with a drip- proof plastic sleeve for the drive home and the whole order took only 10 minutes.

It's easy to see why these guys are busy.

Over-the-counter service, while polite, is not very welcoming.

Mythos is in a bright, clean establishment on Colombo St just past the overbridge. It wasn't busy as we place our order. Just under 30 minutes later our order is handed over.

By the time we get home the paper bag around our meal is soaked through.

The souvlakis are packed full with a generous amount of fresh salad, lettuce and tomato, and yoghurt sauce.

It is difficult to say which is the lamb and which is the chicken, as both have ended up with a mixture of each.

Unfortunately, the meat is served in large chunks, more than can be eaten in one mouthful, or even two. With only a plastic fork, it is difficult to cut the meat smaller and the eating is a challenge.

The flavours are delicious with plenty of subtle spices.

Dimitri's has relocated a couple of times and is now operating out of a food truck in the Re:Start Mall. Lunch time finds it busy and a crowd has gathered, waiting for their orders.

We place our order with a not-at-all friendly woman and join the queue. Our order is up quickly considering the line, and we are handed a double-wrapped souvlaki with napkins and a plastic fork.

Both the chicken and the lamb are packed with juicy and well-seasoned meat, but the lamb is slightly chewy. The wrap includes fresh tomato and crisp lettuce, topped with a tart yoghurt sauce, and a strong tomato sauce. The bread is nicely toasted and crispy around the edges.

Ad Feedback

Both souvlaki are tricky to eat as the meat is too large for one mouthful.

Taste of Egypt 475B Papanui Rd

Open Monday-Sunday 11am-late.

$10 for a large souvlaki

Score: 4.5/5

Mythos Greek Souvlakis 466 Colombo St

Open Tuesday-Saturday 11.30am-9pm.

$11.90 large chicken, $12.30 large lamb.

Score: 3/5

Dimitri's Greek Food Re:Start Mall foodcourt

Open Monday-Sunday 11am-4pm

$12.50 double

Score: 4/5

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