Review: Purple Weka

23:06, Mar 15 2014
purple weka
MAKEOVER: The Purple Weka now sports a bit of character.

In a former life, Purple Weka was a bland little cafe under a tower of offices.

With the new name came a fantastic makeover and the place now sports a bit of character, mostly in purple and yellow shades.

On a freezing Sunday morning, it's pretty quiet, which is probably part and parcel of being on a semi-industrial road. However, the man behind the counter is jolly and welcoming, and we have our pick of the tables.

Having just finished the Christchurch Colour Run in sleet and heavy rain, the order of the day is hot food served quickly. Purple Weka's menu is a mixture of brunch and lunch. There are the usual egg options alongside open sandwiches and bowls of fries.

The weather outside prompted some hearty choices. The savoury mince on toast is up there with the best I've ever had and a bargain to boot at only $12.50. Chunky slices of toasted bread are served with a china pot full of steaming mince, complete with poached egg topping. The egg is runny and perfectly poached, and the mince is delicious with strong onion flavours and the feeling this was done from scratch. Nice. It's a generous serve and a push to finish to the plate. Getting a good balance of flavours is essential when serving up a dish so simple, and Purple Weka has nailed it.

The steak sandwich comes with fries, salad, and a thin piece of steak. The steak is flavoursome, the salad fresh and crisp, and the fries (if a little under-salted), nicely cooked.


Because the steak is so thin, it would benefit from a little less time on the grill. A couple of flat whites are served up quickly. While nice and flat and with good, strong flavour, a little more attention to presentation would go a long way for first impressions. This is a minor point when the technical has been achieved so well.

During our meal, our Jack of all Trades host is attentive without being overbearing, and does a great job of juggling the demands of customers coming in the door behind us. Purple Weka may be a bit off the beaten track for a Sunday jaunt, but is well worth the visit.


Where: 48 Fitzgerald Ave, Christchurch.

When: Monday-Wednesday 6am- 4pm; Thursday 6am-7pm; Friday 6am-8pm; weekends 8am-2pm.

What's to eat: Brunch, lunch and coffee.

How much: $45 including drinks.

What we think: Yum.

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