Australian woman almost killed by faulty Takata airbag subjected to worldwide recall

An Australian woman is fighting for life after being struck in the head by metal shrapnel propelled from her faulty airbag during a low-speed crash.

Amphibious car takes a spin in Wellington Harbour

Amphibious vehicle just one of many on display at the MTA car show.

Dangerous driving charge for Auckland McLaren driver

His rare and exclusive super car flipped on an Auckland motorway.

Taking a leaf out of transport's future

Nelson Mail journalist Tim O'Connell shares the thrills, trials and tribulations of driving an electric vehicle.

Kapiti Coast commuters endure long delays on Friday trip home

Traffic is flowing freely again after long northbound delays on the Kapiti Coast.

CX-5 wasn't broken so Mazda didn't fix it. But boy, did it get obsessed with the details

Japanese maker's medium-SUV has been refined to the nth degree, reports David Linklater.

100-year-old Mitsubishi being re-created as plug-in hybrid

Mitsubishi is going back to the future to mark its centennial with a modern take on its first vehicle built in 1917.

Toyota Corolla upgraded for 50th year in New Zealand

New Zealand's top selling car, the Toyota Corolla is celebrating its golden anniversary.

Haval SUV brand launches in NZ

China's number one selling SUV maker is coming to the New Zealand market.

Transmission Gully motorway is on time and on budget, Transport Minister says

After two million man hours, the motorway north of Wellington still isn't halfway built.

Honda confirms record-breaking Civic Type R for NZ

It is set to be a hot spring for fans of Honda's new record-breaking Civic Type R hatch.

VW eyes possible sale of motorbike brand Ducati

VW is considering a sale of Ducati as it streamlines ops to help fund an overhaul following its emissions scandal.

A love letter to ... Onehunga

It helps to have a people-mover in Onehunga: the two-tone Toyota Ipsum (1995-2001 models only, please) is de rigueur.

Google co-founder Larry Page's flying car set to go on sale

Get ready for the "it's a bird, it's a plane, no... it's a flying car" memes.

Flying cars: A 1950s dream takes to the skies without the rules to stay airborne

We haven't even nailed down self-driving cars, yet the buzz now is all about flying cars.

Runaway tyre smashes into pharmacy injuring two men

Men fortunate to escape serious injury when a loose tyre bounces through the door of a pharmacy in Turkey.

Triumph lets you have a bob(ber) each way

Sorry hipsters, but Triumph shows you can have custom looks with mainstream ease-of-use.

Aston Martin supercar hot-lap to raise money for spinal injury research

Exclusive ride in one of NZ's most expensive supercars to support cutting edge international spinal cord injury research.

NZTA investigating Uber driver who took couple from Auckland to Wellington

He risked a storm to help two Americans. Now, the Uber driver who took them on a $1033 trip is under investigation.

Open-road driving in an electric BMW i3: are we tripping?

Can you seriously drive a city electric car into the country? We do two road trips in an i3 to find out (and have coffee).

Great Wall's Steed ute fails Ancap safety grade

Kiwi vehicle buyers who value safety performance have been warned off a new Chinese made ute.

Being a passenger in a burn out car

Our reporter Steph Rangi takes a ride to find out why people love doing burn outs.

First drive: We try out what's soon to arrive from Chinese brand LDV

New ute and van on the way to NZ from China's biggest car company.

Still something special about last-blast HSV Clubsport R8 LSA

You really couldn't ask for a more composed and responsive macho-machine.

This $166,800 diamond-studded car key can unlock your Ferrari

Have you ever wondered how billionaires unlock their cars?

BMD puts brakes on Great Lake's desire to sell MG in NZ

´╗┐Battle lines are being drawn over who is going to sell MG vehicles in New Zealand.

Honda Civic Type R claims Nurburgring front wheel drive lap record

This blisteringly quick Honda has outgunned VW, Renault and even Pagani. It's due in NZ in July.

Cars can come with strange hidden features

It's not all serious stuff with car designers. Sometimes they hide silly things for us to find.

Could the iconic N-Zeta scooter return with electric power?

Want to scoot into a NZ business opportunity?

Germany's Lilium successfully tests 'flying taxi' prototype

A Bavarian start-up is developing a five-seat "flying taxi" after successful test flights over Germany of a smaller version of the electric jet.

Trumpchi cars may change name as it eyes US market

A 10-year-old car brand has unwittingly landed much of the spotlight at the world's biggest auto show.

Meet the extreme Hellcat Rhino XT all-terrain SUV

Fresh off a star turn in The Fate of the Furious, a custom builder in the US has upgraded its newest creation.

Did Holden forget to put fog lights on the new Astra?

Once upon a time, you could spot an upmarket model by its foglights. No longer.

EV road trip heads slowly up NZ, stopping at fast chargers

The route is carefully planned around charging points but NZ's Leading the Charge electric vehicle-road trip is heading north.

Mechanical treasure trove finds new homes

Some of the top lots went for over $60,000 and their new owners couldn't be happier.

Boy arrested after trying to drive solo across Australia

He got 1300km into his journey but was arrested after police spotted a broken bumper.

Truck drags car with driver still in it

An oblivious US truckie has dragged a car under his back wheel for more than 6km.

McLaren super car flips on Auckland motorway

A motorist has lost control of his McLaren super car, flipping and crashing on an Auckland motorway.

Concern over temporary closure of Orams Road bridge in south Auckland

South Auckland motorists are worried about the potential impact a bridge's closure will have on their daily commute.

Subarus the average Kiwi car thief's preferred choice

Mazdas and Holdens might be commonly pinched, but for the average Kiwi car thief, Subarus are tops.

Diesel spill in Nelson causing problems for motorists

Motorists in Nelson are urged to avoid the area after two minor accidents.

A cyclist has died on Georges Drive in Napier

A cyclist has been killed after he collided with a truck on Georges Drive in Napier.

All the motoring metal at Shanghai - and what's coming to New Zealand

The world's biggest auto show has provided us a glimpse of what's coming to NZ.

Tesla launches New Zealand's first supercharge site in Hamilton

New Zealand's first Tesla Supercharging Station is located on the Hamilton map.

Tesla to recall 53,000 cars over parking brake issue

US luxury electric car maker says parking brakes on some vehicles may not release properly.

Enormous NZ electric-vehicle roadshow Leading The Charge is under way

Fleet of vehicles running on battery power is travelling from Bluff to Cape Reinga.

Backlash expected as MG reveals a new-look badge

Backlash expected as British brand reveals first new logo in 90 years.

Audi unveils next-gen electric concept at Shanghai auto show

Wireless charging, 500 kilometre range and 370kW of power on the menu with e-tron Sportback.

BMW ups ante with new M level

M Division adds a new level of performance - and we get a close-up look.

Lexus reveals updated NX SUV in Shanghai

Japanese brand's mid-size SUV gets a mid-life makeover and tagged for NZ in 2018.
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