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New Honda Civic is all grown up to stand out

The little Honda Civic not so little any more.

Towing a trailer on a Lamborghini? Whatever floats your goat

If you have enough money to afford a supercar, you probably deserve the right to be a little eccentric. 

The secret note Porsche left Honda

When a car maker wants to snoop at a rival's vehicle, they try to be discreet. Honda got busted.

This fancy car show will let you drive the latest supercars

There's a car show on this planet that will let you drive the supercars on show - drive them on the open road. 

I can save Top Gear, 50 Cent says

Top Gear is on the ropes and there's only one man who can save it, or so he says.

53-year-old Ford Cortina in fabulous condition

The fussy owner of this 53-year-old Ford Cortina once refused to drive it on wet roads.

'Speedy Kiwi' logo reappears on McLaren racer

A new McLaren race car will pay hommage to the early racers of the Bruce McLaren Motor Racing team.

Here's why the Land Rover rip off might succeed

Can Chinese companies continue to get away with counterfeiting of car designs?

Tesla driver speeding in fatal Autopilot crash

Preliminary report finds a motorist killed in the crash of a Tesla while using the car's Autopilot was speeding.

Ford Focus RS slides straight into trouble

There's a lot of attention of the Focus RS's Drift mode. But there's a lot more to the car than that.

Leaked document reveals Mercedes-Benz's future

The Mercedes-AMG GT C, a long-mooted roadster version of the German car maker's two-seat GT sports car, will be launched in 2017, according to a document leaked online.

Porsche moving towards self-driving technology

Despite auto giant's reluctance, new tech heralds the start of march to self-driving Porsches.

New Spark not just for Nana, says Holden

Holden's new city car aims to deliver budget motoring without skimping on technology. Does it succeed in being cheap and cool?

Elon Musk's crazy plans for Tesla are perfectly sane

OPINION: Automaker's plans are ambitious, yes. But the 'master plan' has enormous potential.

EVs not a priority for Porsche...yet

Petrol-powered vehicles remain the focus for Porsche, as automakers around the world eye up electric vehicles.

Lennon's 1956 Austin Princess up for grabs

Imagine a world where you can own John Lennon's car. That world can exist.

'Dream car' bought using Auckland cancer patient's life insurance stolen

Freshly diagnosed, she bought her husband a car because "life's too short" – only to have it stolen.

Josh Coppins wins all four heats to secure MX1 title at Nelson motocross champs

Coaching may be his focus these days but former Grand Prix star Josh Coppins hasn't lost his speed on the bike.

The five best/worst on-screen car salesmen

These guys will make you want to take the bus.

Police say truckies not great drivers, either

Stats show truck drivers are no great shakes at driving, either, police say.

Kiwi drivers are inconsiderate - but there are solutions

Speeding is a bad idea, so what to do about slow drivers? Special lanes and signage could be the key.

$500k luxury car daylight robbery remains unsolved

Gone in 60 seconds? More like gone in 16 hours for an unsolved slow motion luxury car heist.

Honda teams with Softbank to build a car that reads emotions

Honda teams up with Softbank to create a car that can sense drivers' emotions.

We take a quiet ride in Mercedes-Benz's new plug-in hybrid models

Mercedes-Benz isn't the first premium brand to the Kiwi market with plug-in cars. So it aims to be the cleverest instead.

Pokemon Go-playing driver hits police car: 'That's what I get for playing'

Not surprisingly, playing Pokemon Go while driving is a poor idea.

Rare Alfa Romeo tipped for record pre-war price

This 1939 Alfa Romeo is a stunning combination of speed and beauty.

The world's fastest street legal electric vehicle comes from the 1970s

A tiny 40-year-old electric vehicle dubbed the "Flux Capacitor" has become the world's quickest street legal electric vehicle.

NZ's 15,000 motor mechanics get ready for the electric vehicle era

Is fixing cars is still a good career option at the dawn of the electric vehicle era?

Meet Graham - the spooky ideal car crash survivor

Meet Graham, the only person designed to survive a car crash.

Ban on Wicked Campers in Queensland widely applauded

Wicked Campers' controversial slogans are forced off the road in Queensland.

Peking to Paris victors help save crash victim's life

When Bruce and Harry Washington arrived at the car crash, they could see the man was dead.

Elon Musk's master plan: the future of Tesla

Plans for an electric pick-up truck, compact SUV, semi and bus, as well as self-driving capabilities and more.

Ford, Jose Cuervo turn tequila waste into car parts

Leftovers from plants used to make tequila will be recycled into sustainable plastics, for use in cars.

In-car fuel payment arrives in New Zealand

Imagine a world where you don't even have to leave your car to pay for fuel. That world is here.

Kia's latest Optima sedan is the same but different

There's a new Kia Optima around. We answer some burning questions about the car.

Aprilia's RSV4 now an easier, faster ride

Aspiring racers will get plenty of thrills from the flagship RSV4 RR.

Dramatic 15-year vehicle sales shift crowns SUVs and utes king

New statistics show Kiwis are embracing SUVs and utes more than ever before.

Long-named Bentley is the ultimate angling accessory

Here's a special way to hit the rivers - if you can afford it.

Audi plans to put the heat on Tesla with electric car plan

Audi intends to put the pressure on Tesla with move to making more electric vehicles.

Search for roots of rare automobile leads to La Grande, USA

German man discovers rare 1934 limo came from Oregon, USA, raising even more questions.

Daihatsu recalling 800,000 mini cars in Japan because rear doors could fall off

Company recalling about 800,000 mini vehicles in Japan after discovering flaw with Tanto model.

Seven-year search leads Kombi lover to 1967 splitty

It took a seven-year search, but Rocco Pienaar's finally got the Kombi he was after.

Jaguar design boss prefers small SUV

Jaguar's now in the luxury SUV market, raising questions about where the company goes next.

Plans for self-driving cars have a pitfall: the human brain

Automakers around the world are developing self-driving cars. But there's a problem.

The Rilkoff Files: White supremacy and considering your health before using Trademe

Getting off the Trademe train might just be the healthiest choice you ever make.

Rear-view mirrors to disappear by 2020?

The end of the rear view mirror could be a new beginning for cars, Jaguar design boss says.

Hi-tech roadside beacons make life safer for drivers

NZTA improves the Christchurch-Queenstown commute with flash new gadgetry.

Three US states sue VW, say executives covered up diesel cheating

New York, Massachusetts and Maryland file lawsuits in US state courts against automotive giant.

Tesla looks to upgrade self-driving Autopilot

Potential 'significant improvements' could be wirelessly sent to Tesla's electric cars.

Anti-speeding efforts contribute to overtaking hesitation, says campaigner

Campaigner says cops' anti-speeding efforts scare motorists off overtaking.
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