Road madness in Mackenzie over holiday weekend

Police deemed a Chinese couple too inept to continue driving in New Zealand.

Did this rare Ferrari break the world auction price record?

Exchange rates and auction locations mean the title of the most expensive car ever sold at auction is up for debate.

Waitangi weekend traffic clogs up highways north of Wellington

Traffic snarled up north of Wellington as everyone escapes for the long weekend.

Tourists spend thousands on chauffeurs to avoid driving on New Zealand roads

Tourists too scared to take to the wheel, or wanting a more relaxing holiday, are paying to be chauffeur-driven around NZ.

Chinese tourist admits causing head-on crash

A Chinese tourist will have to pay $7000 for causing a head-on crash near Glenorchy.

Big money still around for rare cars

It seems that not everyone is strapped for cash in the weeks after Christmas.

Volkswagen emissions fix starts next week

Volkswagen's NZ boss still has difficulty sleeping at night in the wake of the company's diesel emissions scandal.

Southland man fed up with trucks and others parking over his driveway

For 11 years, people have parked in front of Graeme Inglis driveway. And now NZTA and police say they can't do any more.

WATCH: The moment two vehicles collide head-on in Central Otago

Crash could have been avoided if council heeded plea to fix "dangerous" road, driver says.

Carmakers to recall five million vehicles

Another problem has developed with automotive air bags, this one resulting in recalls of up to five million vehicles worldwide.

Don't tell James Bond, but he was actually driving an Aston Martin Vantage N430

The Vantage is an oldie but still oh-so-good - even without the James Bond references.

Here's Joey: Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc joins Top Gear line-up

The former Friends star and self-confessed "car nut" will co-host the new-look motoring show.

Fake warrants of fitness an 'industry-wide' issue, says convicted mechanic

Mechanic who issued fake warrants of fitness claims it is an "industry-wide" issue.

Hit cyclist angry as motorist escapes charges

Cyclist who was left gasping in agony on the road after hit-and-run with a car is furious police won't prosecute the driver.

Toyota pulls the plug on Scion small car brand

Toyota to wind down its Scion brand ending a 12-year effort aimed at young buyers.

Flipped burning car skids across motorway

A four-month-old baby was one of three people who survived this scary fiery crash on a motorway in the UK.

'Super rude' Tesla customer denied his preordered car

The customer is always right, goes the saying. But if you're rude, don't expect that maxim to apply universally as one man found out.

Toyota Fortuner takes the road hardly travelled (or no road at all)

SUVs with hard-core off-road ability are making a comeback. The latest is the Toyota Fortuner.

Renault Captur is an amphibious creature out of water in New Zealand

Little Renault is a loveable thing, but the French character that makes it interesting also limits its appeal to Kiwi drivers.

Bill Richardson Transport World welcomes 10,000 visitors in first two months

Truck enthusiasts flock to Invercargill transport museum.

Need for Speed in Bologna

When there are two Ferraris in the airport (yes, in the actual terminal), you know you're in for a rollicking good time.

Five films featuring car-company bosses

How many car company bosses have featured on the silver screen? We've found five.

Small, self-governing Isle of Man may hand over its roads to self-driving cars

Famous for its dangerous TT motorcycle races, the tiny Isle of Man is looking at giving up its roads to driverless cars.

Mustang GT: orange crusher vs Kiwi roads

Never mind the freeway (sorry, motorway). What's the monster-Mustang like on proper New Zealand backroads?

Zika virus forces India's Tata Motors to change Zica car name

A new car is to be rebranded after a run-in with the Zika virus.

A big brute Dodge Challenger undone by the white stuff

This is a toy, a car for drivers who primarily want to have fun... but not in snow.

Toyota creates genre-of-one with Hilux V6

It will make you smile but think of this grunty Toyota as a middle-age-crisis family wagon with a tray.

Fuel companies pay for regional discounts with higher city prices - AA

AA claims motorists in Wellington and South Island are subsidising discounts elsewhere.

Miami motorist pulls over police officer for speeding

It unfolded like a routine traffic stop but there was a twist... this time it was the police officer being accused of speeding.

Global automakers wary of China certification shift

Concerns mount that China forcing often outdated, vehicle certification standards on foreign cars.

Nascar owner Rick Hendrick pays NZ$1.8m for first 2017 Honda/Acura NSX

Nascar race team owner pays nearly 10 times normal retail price for first new generation NSX supercar.

Audi makes room for all-electric e-tron SUV

Audi is already shuffling its other models around to make space for production of its first EV-SUV.

Toyota to stop Japan production for a week due to steel shortage

Steel plant explosion sees Toyota halting production at all car assembly plants in Japan for a week.

Porsche 911 all-wheel drive is still the complete everyday supercar

We head to Kyalami in South Africa to drive one of the fastest accelerating cars in the world.

Indian Scout Sixty: An American 999cc 'starter bike'

Indian Motorcycle is going down — in size, scale and price.

Making sure it is only rubber that hits the road

OPINION: Persuading your spouse or partner that motorcycles aren't dangerous isn't an easy assignment to take on.

Big price for rare 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster

A rare Mercedes-Benz that failed to reach its expected price has still sold at auction for a whopping sum.

Firefighters called as Jaguar spills its petrol at Timaru service station

His just-bought Jaguar XJ6 needed a fill. But the petrol "leaked out as fast as I put it in".

Martin Scorsese's Rolls-Royce biopic Silver Lady tells the Flying Lady's tragic story

Cameras to roll soon on the soap-opera-worthy story behind Rolls-Royce's Spirit of Ecstasy emblem.

Land Rover parties like it's 1948 as the last Defender rolls off the line

A moment of silence - or perhaps some diesel clatter - as we mark the end of Defender production after 68 years.

Five reasons why the Ford Ranger is number one

What are the factors behind the rise and rise of Ranger in the sales charts?

Aston Martin's new DB11 spotted in Australia

Here's a sneak peek at Aston Martin's new DB11 which has been spotted despite camo paintwork.

A 'damn good' time at Edendale Crank-Up event

From a $250,000 car to tractors and lawnmower racing - the Crank-Up had it all.

Edendale Crank-Up weekend an eclectic mix of people and machines

Dunedin couple turn heads at Edendale Crank-Up.

Nature walkers and cyclists becoming a safety hazard at Transmission Gully motorway site

Nature walkers putting their safety at risk by tramping through the Transmission Gully motorway construction site.

'Pope Francis' Philly Fiat' fetches $126,400 in US auction

Tiny black Fiat 500L that carried Pope Francis during US visit sells at auction for more than $100,000.

Last classic Land Rover Defender 4x4 rolls off production line

The last Land Rover Defender, the famous 4x4 known the world over, has rolled off the production line.

More to this Peugeot launch than meets the eye

Why host a full-blown media launch of a car that might at best sell at a rate of two per month?

Honda MSX125 Grom a trigger for a second childhood

This is the most fun-packed 125cc four-stroke road bike ever created.

Up to 10,000 expected at Edendale Crank-Up

Between 8000 and 10,000 people are expected to show up to the biggest event on Edendale's calender.
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