Auckland light rail plan a boost for option in Wellington, says Laidlaw

Chris Laidlaw says capital needs "similar approach" to Auckland to fix traffic congestion.

Expressway has inconsistent effect on Kapiti businesses

It once was a busy section of State Highway 1 north of Wellington, but now it's "quite eerie".

Lamborghini Aventador S is an old-school supercar that's learned some new lessons

There's no way Lamborghini is giving up tradition with its flagship model. But it has added some intriguing new technology.

Call to action for Southland's deadly Milford Road

The Milford Rd claimed two more victims this week. Do we need to change the road, or educate drivers?

Road safety at stake if proposed police job cuts go ahead, transport bodies say

Police want to cut 26 roles from their commercial vehicle safety team, sparking industry concern.

Tiny toy trucks tow real-sized Hilux

How many remote control cars does it take to pull a real car?

Audi reimagines turn signal

Audi's OLED turn signal concept could be mistaken for a swarm of bees.

Porsche racing tech that makes street machines

Porsche has revealed their top five technologies that made the incredible transition from the racetrack to the street.

How Toyota poured 500 years of work into its new campus - during a labour shortage

Toyota's monster new headquarters in the US is considered a modern marvel.

Reduced speed limits confirmed for several local roads near Kapiti expressway

NZTA confirms reduced speeds for several roads near Kapiti expressway.

Survival out on the road: How to change a car tyre

Changing a car tyre in under 15 minutes, how hard can it be?

BMW confirmed, Mercedes missing in reborn Formula E series

BMW is in and Mercedes is out as the Formula E series manufacturers are announced.

South Australia locks in driverless vehicles

Passenger shuttles and cargo transfer services are set to go driverless in South Australia.

GPS said to be behind a string of truck crashes in small US town

A series of major truck crashes in a small US town is being blamed on GPS systems.

Tourist who rolled car in Queenstown unlikely to be charged

A man who rolled his rental car while reportedly travelling at 15kmh will likely be given a warning.

McLaren previews new 'hyper-GT' F1 successor

McLaren has previewed the styling of its upcoming, range-topping "Special Operations" model.

Daimler employees to be investigated over diesel allegations

Daimler AG employees are being investigated over diesel-manipulation allegations

How Formula 1 drivers prepare for battle

Cardio, weightlifting and acclimatisation to extremes are all part of training for drivers like Lewis Hamilton.

The dream cars of 2017 (the ones that are good in traffic jams)

Here are the cars we reckon are the best in the world... for being in while stuck in traffic jams.

Revised Toyota Highlander gets a little taste of Lexus

Smooth new engine and transmission will make for sweet ride to the ski field.

Aston Martin lines up the Vs

Aston Martin is set to continue its run of V initialed vehicles but its not saying what's coming after the Valkyrie.

A Jeep that rises above gridlocked traffic

This elevating car can drive over traffic.

Blenheim to Woodbourne back up to speed, but other speed restrictions remain

Blenheim to Woodbourne reverts back to 100kmh, but other speed restrictions along alternative route remain.

Warkworth's Baxter St carpark sale on hold for now

"It is bizarrely counter-intuitive to be selling a parking asset when parking will clearly be at a premium in the next 10 to 20 years."

Vanquish S arrival leads Aston Martin's new New Zealand drive

Aston Martin signals the start of a new push in the NZ luxury car market with the arrival of the Vanquish S.

AA advises car buyers to ensure they ask for two keys to prevent additional charges

Those buying cars with remote keys should insist on getting two keys, AA says.

Call to make it mandatory for senior drivers to brush up on road rules

Road safety campaigner wants older NZ drivers to brush up on road rules with an instructor before renewing their licence.

'Satnav' turns off parts of brain: Study

It appears the use of satellite navigation makes us worse at finding the way alone.

For a better Korean small car, you might go to Rio

Kia is the junior sibling of Hyundai in a global sense, but it's outdone big brother when it comes to superminis. By Damien O'Carroll.

Christchurch politicians concur: An Accessible City plan should change

Council may review controversial inner city transport plan as issues of access, parking and congestion emerge.

Plan to install free wi-fi at train and bus stops in Wellington scrapped

Technology deemed on its way out, wi-fi proposal scrapped for Wellington train and bus stops.

Sabulite Rd – home to more than 500 hubcaps

It started with a couple but it 'grew and grew', says an Auckland hubcap collector.

OECD keen on road tolls, congestion charging, taxing work parking spaces

Road tolls and taxing work parking spaces are in OECD's plans to reduce private car use.

Mitsubishi Emirai 3.1 xDas concept car on show in Hanover, Germany

 Mitsubishi Electric's EMIRAI xDAS 3.1 concept car promises a safe and comfortable ride for tomorrow’s driver.

Bruce McLaren inducted into Indianapolis Auto Racing Hall of Fame

The Kiwi motorsport legend is voted into the Auto Racing Hall of Fame at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.

Ferrari 70th Anniversary: Seven of the world's worst Ferraris

It's Ferrari's 70th anniversary, but not all horses prance the way they should.

Nissan design chief Alfonso Albaisa inspired by Cuban, Japanese roots

The Japanese company's design chief draws on his cultural inspiration as car makers increasingly focus on design.

Tourist allegedly drives campervan on wrong side of road, causes Queenstown 'crash'

Police charge tourist after he allegedly drove campervan on the wrong side of road, clipping vehicle.

People scared of self driving cars: BMW

Would you trust a car without a driver? The German giant says public acceptance will be a big hurdle.

Great cars that arrived just a little too late

Some cars are good enough to save a brand in trouble - but only if they're launched in time.

Lotus reveals a much lighter 2017 Elise

Boutique British brand updates its lightweight roadster range.

Four is an unlucky number for Hyundai i20 Cross

Hyundai's new baby-SUV is an appealing car that desperately needs another gear and another Ancap star.

The five times that Audi almost made the R8 supercar

 Audi's first mid-engined supercar shouldn't have been a surprise. It had been throwing out hints for 15 years.

Truck breakdown, debris spark major traffic delays in Wellington, Auckland

Traffic jam heading into Wellington which extended 30km at peak sparks knock-on delays across city.

Worst summer in 30 years has 'minor impact' on Transmission Gully

The worst summer in 30 years has only caused minor delays on Transmission Gully motorway progress.

Old Ford limousine was once ex-Prime Minister Jim Bolger's ride

This 23-year-old limo once bore the coveted CR1 number plates reserved for vehicles transporting NZ's prime minister.

Trampoline tied to car stuns motorists on Auckland motorway

If you saw a moving trampoline along Auckland's northern motorway, you're not alone.

Car crushed under truck load of bricks

 A motorist may never want to make late lane changes ever again after his vehicle is buried under tonnes of bricks.

Honda offers Geraldine retiree full refund for $1400 key

Geraldine retiree Dave Doy has been offered a full refund for a $1400 key he purchased for his Honda Fit.

Little concept car leading the way through the urban transport minefield

Heres' a car that challenges everything - size, weight, cost, and energy use.
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