Nissan builds drone to race its GT-R

Special race tuned drone can reach 100kmh from a standstill in a blistering 1.3 seconds.

We won't own cars any more - we'll share them, forecasts Toyota NZ boss

The head of New Zealand's biggest car company says the future will see a time where nobody will own a motor vehicle - just share them.

Wellington's Mt Victoria tunnel upgrade complete

After 14 months, the spruce-up of the State Highway 1 link is complete.

Expensive Porsche SUV ruined in teen's parking panic

A panicked teen without a driver's licence is in a whole lot of trouble after borrowing his mum's expensive SUV.

Fiat Chrysler accused of concealing defect in Jeep Grand Cherokee

Legal action filed against maker of Jeep Grand Cherokee claiming defect causes rollaway accidents, including death of Star Trek actor.

Toyota Corolla hybrid - the bridge to whatever the ultimate eco-car will be

Toyota launches hybrid Corolla in NZ with some scary warning shots over the future of our environment.

Special Lamborghini Aventador pays homage to Miura

Lamborghini takes the wraps off a special edition Aventador that honours its iconic Miura sports car.

VW to pay over US$10b for US emissions scandal - sources

Volkswagen payout partly to settle claims by nearly 500,000 owners stemming from its US diesel emissions scandal.

Taking flight across the US on a Honda Gold Wing

Kiwi Mark Thompson started his 40-000-kilometre journey on a mountainbike before upgrading to something gruntier.

Who should a driverless car try to protect if a crash is unavoidable?

Who dies when a crash is inevitable and the car is making all the decisions?

Behind Tesla carnage, signs of support for Elon Musk's SolarCity deal

$4.1 billion wiped off market value over plans to buy solar panels company.

Bus breakdown causes delays as new Wellington smart motorway switches on

The first day of Wellington's "smart" motorway is marred by commuter jams.

Palestinian's classic car replica turns heads in Gaza

Palestinian mechanic wowing them on the Gaza Strip with his home-built replica of a 1927 classic Mercedes-Benz.

Ancap conducts surprise crash test audit on Kia Picanto

Is a life worth less here than in Europe? That's what testers are getting to the bottom of.

First of 30 truckloads arrives with motorcycle collection for Invercargill

The first of 300 rare motorcycles have arrived in Invercargill from Nelson.

New Audi A4 sedan is an impressively smooth mover

One of the outstanding new arrivals of 2016 is the latest-generation Audi A4.

Land Rover Discovery performs a supreme towing test

Land Rover demonstrates the towing ability of its Discovery Sport SUV as it pulls 60 times its own weight.

Pattrick Smellie: 40c a km Auckland congestion charge likely to kick up a stink

OPINION: Aucklanders could be charged by the kilometre for driving at peak times to ease congestion.

GPS devices will track Aucklanders and toll them based on where and when they drive

Charging for using Auckland roads is likely to be done via a GPS unit in every car, which tracks where you go.

Elon Musk's Tesla wants to buy solar panel maker

Electric carmaker Tesla is looking to get into the market for sustainable energy for homes and businesses.

Aston Martin to build 99 Vanquish Zagatos

Customer demand forces Aston Martin into a limited production run of its concept Vanquish Zagato Coupe.

Dodge killing off Viper supercar again

The Dodge Viper supercar is set to die again in 2017. But it's going out in style.

Formula E proposes competition with $1.4m prize pitting its professional drivers against gamers

Formula E proposes pitting its drivers against gamers to race in simulators for a big cash prize.

Rare 1981 Porsche 924 GTR racer was stored in first-floor attic

This "ultimate" version of a 1981 Porsche 924 was built to race but never has.

LX570: The biggest, most powerful and thirstiest Lexus you can buy

The Lexus LX570 is unashamedly a luxury SUV - but underneath all the swank there's a vehicle with powerful off-road ability.

Los Angeles Police get electric car fleet

The LA Police Department is going electric, with 100 BMW i3 vehicles just purchased for use in the department's transportation fleet.

Time limited car parks are everywhere in New Zealand. Here's why

A Hamilton man who was stung by 'top-up' parking rules may not be alone.

Electric Honda NSX to tackle Pikes Peak

Honda's American arm lines up for iconic annual hill climb event with an electric supercar.

Mazzanti's new Millecavalli Italian supercar touted to hit 402kmh

There are some bold performance claims surrounding a new Italian supercar.

Parking time limit trouble earns man a 'senseless' fine

He fed the meter, but Des Williams still got pinged for parking.

Flying cars just took a big step closer to being legal

Flying car or driving plane? Its makers want to pass it off as both and transform travel.

Track-ready Kawasaki Ninja a cleaner, sharper ride

Changes to the Ninja keep both racers and rulemakers happy.

Japan's five coolest kei-cars of all time

Awesome tiny cars from Japan have enormous character.

This $1000 go-kart has better safety tech than most cars

Some of the safety capabilities on this little go-kart are the same ones that big automakers are adding to their vehicles as value add-ons.

Suzuki GN250 'dungheap' a prize-winner

Shaun Chiles could not be prouder of his Suzuki GN 250.

Mazda urged to examine MX-5 airbags

Crash tests expose design flaw in popular roadster

Kiwi-made Ubco electric farm bike ideal for the strong, silent type

It's been on show for three years, but now the Ubco plug-in bike is going all over Kiwi farms.

How to eat and drink your way though the Fieldays motor exhibits

A visit to the automotive exhibits at National Fieldays gives the waistline a hiding.

Research shows cars can be carried away by even shallow water

Researchers stunned to discover just how little water it takes to make even a large vehicle unstable.

What would Bruce think of the latest McLaren 570S?

Kiwi hero Bruce McLaren always wanted to build a super-fast, super-sports V8 coupe that you could drive every day.

Should you buy your teenager a car?

OPINION: There are some good reasons why buying teenagers a car is a bad idea.

'Mastermind' cashing in on fake warrants

Counterfeit WOFs and regos are being issued for "deathtrap" cars by Northland "mastermind".

Le Mans triumph with Bruce McLaren still special for Chris Amon 50 years on

Kiwi Chris Amon looks back on the "single biggest achievement" of his racing career.

Dad-daughter Polo pair all set to pounce in Taranaki Tarmac Rally

"I'm not going to win the rally or anything, but I'm not going out there just to be a field-filler either. Oh, and one other thing - I want to go better than Brooke."

Diamonds and gold leaf for most expensive tyres in the world

What makes these tyres the most expensive in the world?

Camp Quality Ford Mustang sells for $110,101 at auction

The winner of a $1 reserve charity auction for a new Ford Mustang will now be able to race it for free.

Why American utes like the Ford F-150 aren't rubbish any more

Some American trucks now compete with the best in the world for design and dynamics. Others still really don't.

'Nothing is off limits' for Jaguar/Land Rover Special Vehicles Operations

Every model from Jaguar and Land Rover could be "enhanced" by the company's Special Vehicles Operations.

Lost car, blank memories after pair's mad Monday

Nelson man wakes up hungover from a big night and can't find his mate's Mazda.

Remembering Le Mans 1966 and the Ford GT40 with Chris Amon

Chris Amon remembers the moment he and Bruce McLaren won the world's biggest endurance race.
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