NZ Transport Agency mapping long weekend traffic hotspots

NZTA launches a new interactive map aimed at helping motorists over the long weekend.

New interactive traffic map rolled out just in time for Queen's Birthday weekend

NZTA's new maps help you avoid the traffic hotspots - just in time for Queens Birthday weekend.

Residents say more should be done about dangerous State Highway 1 intersection in Marlborough

"Until someone gets killed, they're not going to do anything about it."

US Military's stealth motorcycles are as quiet as an electric toothbrush

It's quiet enough to sneak up on enemies in any terrain - and can run on just about anything.

Inside an Australian's huge private car collection where the cars are for sale

This monster classic car museum is a little unusual in that everything inside is for sale.

New radar detector joins the hunt

The Escort Passport Max is a big gun in the battle against stealthy cops

Mitsubishi Mirage is still quite a character

The facelifted Mirage ticks the important boxes for worry-free urban transport. But there's more to it than that.

Chinese drivers screened by NZ travel company to cut crashes

"You can have a driving licence for years and hardly drive at all in China. We ask 'do you drive every day?'"

New Bell helmets are 'like airbags for heads'

Pioneering helmet maker makes another leap forward in rider protection.

How to get a cheap(er) Ford GT

A UK company believes it has the answer for those finding authentic Ford supercars beyond their reach.

Missing out on Uber deal could cost airports millions

OPINION: Failing to reach a deal with Uber could see airports cut out of a lucrative side business.

New Top Gear host reacts to backlash

Top Gear's Chris Evans gets shouty with his FACTS after a savaging of the new Top Gear.

Crash-test dummies get in back seat

Back seat safety in vehicles has not kept up with front seats.

Peugeot L500R Hybrid concept revealed

Lightweight concept blasts to 100kmh in just 2.5 seconds.

Renault reveals Clio RS 16 at Monaco F1 GP

Megane 275 power for F1-inspired Clio concept.

Love for Ford Zephyrs and Zodiacs runs in the family

​Andrew Jopson spied his latest car online and he didn't hesitate to buy it without seeing it in person.

Driver appears to snooze at the wheel of his Tesla while the car drives itself on LA highway

This is not the recommended driving position of a Tesla, even one with autopilot.

Top Gear fans not happy about the new 'cringe' show

Fans label the new Top Gear series as "tragic" and new host Chris Evans as the "poor man's Clarkson".

Porsche Macan becomes a whole new animal in GTS trim

The new GTS is not the fastest Macan, but it might just be the most entertaining and desirable.

Nissan updates GT-R Nismo

Nissan's GT-R Nismo gets reinforced and redesigned.

Five illegal firsts in the motoring world

Who were the first to do things with cars that they shouldn't have?

A family winter in the new Jaguar F-PACE

Jaguar F-PACE can transport your entire family, or a couple of sheep.

Invercargill taxi company taking on ride-sharing service Uber

 Uber hasn't reached Invercargill yet, but one cab company is ready for them.

New track recorded entirely inside electric cars

A popular Welsh entertainer has recorded her latest song entirely in electric cars to highlight their quiet, relaxing ride.

Burt Munro inducted into Motorcycling New Zealand Hall of Fame

Southland motorcycling legend Burt Munro has been inducted into the Motorcycling New Zealand Hall of Fame.

Reconditioned Top Gear has a lot riding on it

What's at stake for Top Gear the brand?

ACC levy cut reduces car registration costs

Most motorists will have a bit of extra cash in the pocket when they pay vehicle registration fees after July 1.

The 10 most powerful front-drive cars you can buy in NZ

You'd be mad to put a whole lot of power through a car's front wheels. Luckily, some makers are.

Timaru woman's dash-cam incident highlights the online need for speed

On the surface of it, her driving was dreadful. But the reason only emerged after she was filmed and shamed.

Last call for owners to claim cars left in 1974 Cyprus war

Time is running out for about 400 rusting relics dumped on an airbase during a war 42 years ago.

Zen and the art of Moto Guzzi cruising aboard the Eldorado

Moto Guzzi's revival of the classic Eldorado can be appreciated from both in and out of the saddle.

Giulia QV takes Alfa Romeo back to its best

The good news is that Alfa's Giulia QV is a fantastic super-sedan.The bad news is that it won't arrive in NZ until next year.

McLaren plots model expansion

Flood of new model explosion for British Ferrari rival.

McLaren P1 replacement to go electric

British brand targets 50 per cent hybrid power for its range within six years.

HSV reveals V8 send-off plans

The HSV Clubsport R8 is back for its V8-powered finale with only a few set for the NZ market.

How Audi's wild SQ7 paves the way for super-thrifty mild hybrids

A 48-volt power system helps make the Audi SQ7 a rapid SUV. Can it beat a fighter jet down the runway?

Woman driver knocks over her mum to flee police in traffic stop

Driver in US knocked over her mother and two officers as she rammed a police car to escape a traffic stop.

Google idea would leave pedestrians glued to cars after crashes

Google has patented technology that could see pedestrians stuck like bugs on a car when involved in vehicle collisions.

One-off BMW custom honours R 5 sports bike

It is such a shame this BMW motorcycle is a one-off.

Renault reveals F1-inspired Clio RS

French brand set to launch "crazy" hot hatch at the Monaco Grand Prix

New Zealand Transport Agency investigates State Highway 1 between Picton and Christchurch

A diversion taking trucks and heavy vehicles away from Blenheim may still be on the cards.

Family angry over video of woman driving while having a medical event

The video showed what appeared to be a shocking case of dangerous driving. What it didn't show was what happened next.

Top Gear roars back with Matt LeBlanc, high expectations

Top Gear doesn't do understatement.

British truckie jailed after horror highway crash

Truck driver jailed as police use dramatic dash cam crash footage from his own truck as evidence.

Kiwis steering clear of new technology for their mobility - survey

New Zealand is the worst country in Asia-Pacific for its lack of use of new technology to get around.

Why the Volvo XC90 T8 left me feeling a bit flat

The T8 is a clever, if expensive, take on the plug-in hybrid SUV. But does it go far enough on electric power?

'It's the end of energy and transportation as we know it' - Tony Seba

Revolution in solar, batteries will render conventional energy, transport "obsolete in 15 years".

New Mazda CX-9 shows its mettle through the streets of San Francisco

Mazda's new CX-9 SUV has the potential to make quite a bit of its NZ opposition look a little clunky and overpriced.

Southland man admits 19 charges following fiery crash

He sped through a main street at 180kmh and drove so fast police abandoned pursuit, but one man's speeding spree ended in a fiery crash.

Government ordered to reveal details of Crown limo use after three-year battle

Ombudsman says releasing ministers' use of tax-funded cars is of strong public interest.
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