Wellington to crack down on motorists abusing bus lanes with $150 fines

Wellington's parking wardens now have the tools to film, and fine, motorists driving in bus lanes.

Jaguar F-Pace takes the road already travelled by storm

We put Jaguar's top handling claims for its first-ever SUV to the test in Europe ahead of its NZ launch.

400-tonne crane lifts concrete beams over Waikanae River for Kapiti expressway build

38-metre long concrete beams have been craned into place over the Waikanae River.

Ford plans long-range electric car to compete with Tesla, GM

Ford plans a long-range electric vehicle to compete with battery-powered models coming from Tesla and GM.

Snapchat sued as photos taken while crashing at 172kmh

Driver wanted to record how fast she could go on a Snapchat filter.

Restoration of last Mathieu a real jigsaw puzzle

 A 1902 Mathieu car being restored in Manawatu may be the only one left in the world.

Five things to know about Mitsubishi scandal

A look at the details of the fuel economy cheating scandal enveloping Mitsubishi.

'Cactus' skin aids electric car efficiency

A cactus-inspired skin could hold the secret to creating a more efficient electric car.

Kiwis buying hybrid Volvo SUV without test drive

Kiwis pre-purchasing the world's first hybrid seven seat SUV without a test drive in a bid to secure a vehicle.

Kiwi drifter 'Mad Mike' is back from Formula Drift California

Kiwi burnout king NZ-bound after tearing up the sands and streets of California's Long Beach.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider sports car reaches New Zealand

Worldwide demand is high but a handful of Kiwis are now owners of Alfa Romeo's new sports car, the 4C Spider.

The cute little fuel-saving city car from Shell that points to the future

"Co-engineering" is the secret behind a concept car that needs only half the energy of your average small family car.

Germany to launch discount scheme for electric car buyers

Kiwis still waiting on a NZ policy as Germany announces it is to spend about NZ$1.65b to get more consumers buying electric cars.

Mileage test scandal: Mitsubishi reveals Japan orders halved

Concerns over the future of Mitsubishi intensify as automaker's orders take a hit in Japan.

Graeme Crosby and the Kawasaki Zeds that return from the dead

A Kiwi motorcycle-racing icon is now bringing classic bikes back to life.

Driverless pods are the latest and coolest mode of public transport

Driverless pods are the latest and coolest mode of public transport.

Auckland-Coromandel route set to get a $278 million upgrade

Thirty-four people have died or been seriously injured on the holiday highway to the Coromandel in the last five years. Now it's getting a revamp.

Roadside traffic tickets are going mobile on new OnDuty app for police

 A simple swipe of your driver's licence is all that is now needed to receive a roadside traffic ticket.

Ancap urges car companies to 'step up' over safety

Crash authority set to make five-star scores harder to get.

Taking the electric Zero FX off-road is sneaky, silent fun

Zero's off-road bike serves up plenty of pleasant surprises.

VW takes global sales lead from shutdown-hit Toyota

VW eclipsed Toyota as the world's top-selling carmaker in the first quarter as Japanese rival grappled with a series of production stoppages.

World's most popular sports cars

They are the cars that dreams are made of, but how many of those dreams have become reality?

Harley-Davidson adds Roadster to Sportster line

Harley-Davidson seeks to capitalise on the urban custom movement sweeping the street bike scene.

Mitsubishi Motors admits cheating fuel tests since 1991

Japanese car giant admits it lied about fuel economy data dating back 25 years.

New Holden Colorado goes American

More American style for popular workhorse.

Lexus reveals refreshed 2017 IS at Beijing auto show

Japanese carmaker maintains its bold styling as part of 2017 revisions.

Top Gear trailer: Watch Matt LeBlanc squeeze into an Ariel Nomad

It's Matt LeBlanc versus the Ariel Nomad in the latest Top Gear trailer.

Seven ways to protect your car's paintwork

Want to keep your vehicle's paintwork looking fresh? Follow these tips from a Ford paint expert.

Local Minis to star in Goodbye Pork Pie remake

Calling all Southland Mini Cooper owners - the Goodbye Pork Pie remake wants you to be part of the action.

New Mazda SUV for China only? Yeah, right

At this stage, the CX-4 is a China-only model. But we're guessing it won't stay that way for long.

China auto show highlights luxurious SUVs in slowing market

China's biggest auto show of the year highlights the country's ongoing love affair with SUVs - despite a cooling market.

Dubai pushes the pedal to the metal on driverless cars

Dubai's leader wants 25 per cent of all trips on its roads to be done by driverless vehicles by 2030.

Kia Optima is lots more of the same-again but a little bit different

Korean carmaker's new sedan gets zero points for originality, but still impresses with its safety technology.

Porsche unveils 718 Cayman in Beijing

Boxster's hard-top sibling gets its four-cylinder heart transplant.

Volkswagen sketches significantly updated Amarok

Volkswagen doesn't want to be left stranded in the dust-up going on in the dual-cab ute segment.

NZ car companies see Australia as ‘Treasure Island’ ripe for plundering

A well-organised group of Kiwi buccaneers think our trans-Tasman neighbours are ripe for plundering.

Learner drivers left shaken after being bullied by aggro road rage motorists

Impatient, experienced, drivers are leaving new drivers feeling bullied, police say.

Five cartoon cars that we think should be made for real

Gadgets galore as we pick our five animated cars that we think should be real.

New legislation aims to 'level the playing field'. But why isn't everyone happy?

How law changes will change your taxi - or Uber - ride.

It's a quarter-century since Skoda became cool

Skoda has come a long way since VW took over 25 years ago. We pick our top five models from that time.

Home detention for mechanic who issued fake warrants of fitness

Former mechanic on home detention for issuing illegal warrants of fitness.

The idiot's guide to electric cars in NZ

Confused about cars that you can plug in? You won't be after reading our need-to-know guide.

Seven things you need to know about the new BMW 740d xDrive

There's a lot going on in BMW's new flagship model, the 7-series. Here are the seven things you really need to know.

In a world of look-alike cars, can Japanese pop culture heroes help?

In a world of look-alike cars, Japanese automakers are turning to pop culture to make their designs stand out.

Japan's Mitsubishi Motors finds falsified fuel mileage tests

Japanese car manufacturer investigated for intentionally falsifying fuel mileage data for some models.

Bad eyesight doesn't make you less safe as a driver: Ministry looks to cut vision tests

Transport Ministry proposes to drop vision tests for driver's licence renewals.

Ford forks out big bucks for Tesla Model X SUV

Ford has paid NZ$78,800 more than the sticker price to buy, test and examine Tesla's electric Model X SUV.

Stockcar drivers to play football, while still in their cars

"It's just a great way to wind up from a very successful season, and it will be a great day out for families."

VW to offer to buy back nearly 500,000 US diesel cars

Volkswagen has reportedly reached a US$1bn agreement after the emissions test scandal.

Ford says Mustang is now the world's top selling sports coupe

Ford claims its new Mustang was the world's best-selling two-door sports coupe in 2015.
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