Volkswagen taken to court by Australian consumer watchdog over diesel emission claims

Consumer watchdog makes "serious allegations" against the carmaker over diesel emission claims.

BBC Crimewatch presenter involved in road rage incident

A cycling Crimewatch presenter has been left shaken after a "horrible" incident involving an angry motorist.

Tasered driver drags cop as she speeds away from traffic stop

Despite being tasered, a US woman drove off, dragging a policeman behind her.

Holden confirms Acadia SUV in range overhaul

The seven-seat Acadia wears a GMC badge in the US but will sport Holden's new logo when it hits our shores.

Two rapid electric vehicle chargers unveiled at Auckland Airport

The days of "range anxiety" may be coming to an end for Auckland's electric vehicle owners.

Colorado becomes the 'Qualorado'

Holden's upgraded Colorado ute maybe better than a bronze medal in New Zealand's ute wars.

Goodbye Porsche Cayman GT4, can't wait to see you again

It's farewell to the best Cayman ever made. But there's another one on the way.

Explainer: What's the big problem at Wellington's most puzzling intersection?

It's the intersection that puzzles Wellington motorists, so what exactly are the rules?

George Foreman's Lamborghini Diablo fails to sell at auction

Autographed grill doesn't tempt buyers to outlay around NZ$300,000 for a car owned by a former world heavyweight boxing champ.

The need for tweed rather than speed on The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Gents taking to the road for a trip that rates style ahead of speed.

Victim of Jim Beam bottle attack Caleb Olsen said he was showered in glass

Caleb Olsen escaped serious injury after a bottle smashed his windscreen while on the open road.

Five weirdest fuels to power cars

Fancy driving to work in a vehicle running on these strange alternative fuels?

Three reasons why a Hyundai sedan is still better than an SUV

There are two decades of evolution in Hyundai's new Elantra. So why buy a Tucson SUV?

Citroen's CXperience concept wants to be a living room on wheels

New show-car from Citroen attempts to recall the marque's luxury-car past, with striking cabin design and a bendy rear window.

Sitting your driving test? Stay out of the cities, pass rates show

One crucial factor could stand between passing or failing NZ's restricted driving test: where you live.

Fuel prices predicted to tumble as Gull hits the Coast

Gull expected to hit high Coast petrol prices "with a bang".

Blenheim's Argosy plane rumbles into virtual flight

The only thing they can't simulate are your ears popping.

Citroen Cxperience concept revealed

Citroen shows off new four-door coupe Cxperience Concept ahead of the 2016 Paris motor show.

Lexus reveal new LC500-based race car

Lexus has revealed its LC500-based race car, which is slated to compete in the 2017 Japan Super GT500 series.

The incredible history of Volvo's transformation into a true luxury brand

Follow Volvo's evolution from practical transportation to the world of luxury cars.

Elderly driving mobility scooters at 100kmh

Elderly people have been causing problems in China by flouting traffic laws in souped-up mobility scooters.

Bigger signs and road markings to alert motorists of Christchurch's 30kmh zone

Motorists will be left in little doubt they are entering central Christchurch's controversial 30kmh speed limit zone.

BMW 7 series coupe in works - reports

Find the new BMW 7 series sedans too staid? What about a coupe?

Outrage over Parkway Rise traffic island in Wainuiomata

Motorists enraged after contractor plonks a concrete island in the middle of a lane on busy road.

Council to install lights at Cuba St and Abel Smith St intersection in Wellington

The give way rule goes out the window at this Wellington junction - it's all eyeballing and guesswork.

Motorcycle hillclimb deaths investigated by coroner

A coroner is hearing how two motorcyclists racing in an annual hill climb died on the same corner two years apart.

Otto's big rigs drive into autonomous future with Uber

Uber-owned startup pioneers opens the door to retrofitting trucks to be self-driving.

VW to lower US prices in uphill battle to lift plunging sales

VW promises US car dealers wider model range and lower pricing in wake of plunging sales.

Porsche Panamera's self-adjusting technology

Porsche's new Panamera offers groundbreaking new road scanning technology.

Is this the future of transport?

A transport prototype is attracting worldwide interest. Just don't call it a "car".

Charity rally likely to become annual event

Vintage Car Club's first charity rally was 'worthwhile'.

One curious effect of a recession may bolster the case for driverless cars

A strange thing happens to fatal car crash numbers when the economy tanks, a new study has found.

Custom classics on show at Porirua car show

It was petrolhead heaven in Porirua when the Western Bay Street Rodders car show roared into town.

Survey reveals petrol-conscious Kiwis far outnumber the petrolheads

Fuel requires deep thought for more Kiwis than ever before, according to new research.

Marvel's comic hero customised Harley-Davidsons

Kiwi dealers among those who have created 27 Marvel-inspired custom bikes to celebrate Captain America's 75th birthday.

Police shut down UK motorway to talk woman off bridge, traffic stuck for three hours

UK motorists stuck in a 30km queue while police talk woman down from bridge.

Roundabouts: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Here's everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about roundabouts.

Carterton classic car link to Detroit's golden age of motoring

An original 1934 Hudson Terraplane now housed in Wairarapa is thought to be one of the last in the world.

Toyota's Signature Class used-car programme has become strangely normal

What's been the key to Toyota's success with its Signature Class programme? Everything from completely weird imports to the humble Corolla.

Kia teases new Rio

South Korean brand's set debut new city car.

Yo! Say gidday to the turbocharged party animal of the Suzuki Vitara selection

Suzuki has added a pair of out-there turbo models to its Vitara small SUV fleet.

Uber reportedly lost US$1.3 billion in six months

Uber may be gaining riders. It may be on the cutting edge of technology. But it's also a money-loser.

Toyota Prius plug-in for NZ is better late than never

The most hi-tech Toyota Prius now available in NZ is actually a used car.

World's first self-driving taxis debut in Singapore

Dozens sign up to hail a free ride in driverless taxis through their smartphones.

Volvo's 'Iron Knight' is world's fastest truck

Volvo's "Iron Knight" is a truck specially built for breaking world speed records.

Who's the new Daddy of the range? Not Yamaha's MT-10

The MT-name says streetbike, but this new Yamaha is more like a naked sportsbike.

Renault calls time on Megane RS

Hot hatch favourite put to pasture.

Harley-Davidson launches first major engine redesign since '98

Harley-Davidson is to introduced an all-new engine, the Milwaukee-Eight, named for the city where the company was born.

Volkswagen Beetle gathering 'not for squares'

World's largest privately organised Volkswagen Beetle meet was not for squares.

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance is where $1m cars are ho-hum

There are very few places in the world where you walk past a million dollar car without blinking.
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