Stolen 1967 Mustang returned after 28 years

Some gifts shouldn't wait for Christmas - just ask Lynda Alsip about her Mustang that was stolen in 1986.

Lexus RC F bares its shrieking V8 soul

What's this? A Lexus that's capable of shrieking out high-revving V8 soul music?

Holiday road toll climbs to six

A second person has died as a result of a crash in the Bay of Plenty yesterday.

Poor driving and crashes concern police

Driving complaints this holiday season are up on last year, despite less traffic on Marlborough's roads.

Old pistons now knobs in new Aston Martins

Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Vanquish.

Aston Martin seems to have rummaged through its old parts bin to engineer a way creating six bespoke models.

Driver nabbed doing 220km/h

A speeding motorist has been busted travelling at more than 220km/h.

Bespoke McLaren P1 supercar gets retro look

McLaren P1 in Gulf livery.

McLaren has gone back to the future with its latest bespoke creation.

Traffic snarl-up traps holiday-bound motorists

Traffic has eased after a nightmare day, but authorities warn more queues are possible tomorrow.

2016 Cadillac CTS-V leaves nothing on the table

Based on sneak preview the third generation of Cadillac's CTS-V should put BMW and Mercedes-Benz on notice.

Junior Ducati 899 Panigale is best of breed

Ducati's 899 Panigale has wrested the top sportsbike sales title from Honda and it deserves to.

Perth driver allegedly rolls joint in front of motorbike cop

Police released photographs of two people who appear to be putting the "silly" into silly season.

Miami Vice Ferrari: Yours for a cool $2.26m

If you have a vice for Ferraris then the iconic car driven by TV cops "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs is just your ride.

Best new cars for 2015

These are the cars most likely to succeed when they come to New Zealand next year.

Police admonish motorists

Revellers requesting breath-tests from police officers at checkpoints should probably not be driving, police say.

US investor helps rental-return firm into new market

Auckland tech start-up offering travellers free car hire and a tank of fuel is revving up the US car rental industry.

Our top cars of 2014: All that Jazz - everyone a winner

The third-generation Jazz has equipped and priced itself into a much broader, younger market slot.

Our top cars of 2014: An A for Mercedes' C change

As other car makers line the C-class in their cross-hairs, Mercedes-Benz decides to move the goal posts.

Our top cars of 2014: A small VW hatch with substance

Volkswagen's little Polo hatch underwent a facelift during the year, with impressive results.

Our top cars of 2014: Electric dreams a reality

An outstanding arrival during the year was Mitsubishi's ground-breaking plug-in SUV, the Outlander PHEV.

Our top cars of 2014: Holden's little SUV with grunt

During the year Holden addressed the one issue hampering its spunky little SUV, the Trax - a lack of power.

2014 a year full of good cars

Making the BMW i3 our Top Car for 2014 was a no-brainer.

Our top cars of 2014: New tiger burns bright

The least expensive Porsche is going to be a huge money-spinner for the brand.

Our top cars of 2014: Cool coupe from Jaguar

Its topless sister may turn heads, but it's the new coupe version that best displays the Jaguar F-type's talent.

Our top cars of 2014: Ford's pint-size high-rise SUV

Ford has joined the compact SUV fray with a its compelling Indian-built EcoSport.

Our top cars of 2014: Hatching a Rapid Skoda decision

Skoda's decision to switch a liftback for a hatchback has proved to be inspired.

Police operation nabs 24 drink drivers in South Auckland

Police have nabbed 24 drink drivers in a Christmas period blitz on motorists in South Auckland.

Testosterone-fuelled muscle cars make a comeback

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350.

Horsepower is back, and in a heart-attack serious way.

Auctioneer's Ferrari had two lives

Who wouldn't want to live a double life? Perhaps it's the same for cars.

Auckland traffic flowing after gridlock cleared

Auckland's traffic is flowing again after a breakdown earlier caused gridlock.

Google's 'goofy' self-driving car a sign of things to come

It has no steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or brake pedal and could be the future of cars.

Wellington gets new speed camera on SH2

Speeding drivers on State Highway 2 out of Wellington need to watch out. They're going to be caught.

Dashcam records 'dangerous' Wellington driving

Dashcam captures reckless driving in city

A dashboard camera has recorded wild driving in Wellington which he says was "bloody dangerous".

Rare Ferrari 250 GTO restored from race wreck

One of the world's rarest and most valuable cars has been restored to its former glory after a racetrack crash two years ago.

World's fastest-selling Indian

After making its NZ market debut at the recent Burt Munro love-fest in Invercargill, the new 1133cc Scout is well on the road to becoming the world's fastest-selling Indian.

Mazda2 reborn with Kodo and kudos


It's hard to believe that Mazda is one of Japan's smaller car brands when its cars cause such impact on the industry.

Cyclist survives being run over by truck

A cyclist in China has defied the odds to survive being run over by a large truck.

Subaru Outback is up front

2015 Subaru Outback

Stacked with technology, the latest Subaru Outback is the first to be created from the ground up, rather than as a spin-off from the Legacy.

Auckland petrol prices vary from pump to pump

Shopping around between Auckland’s suburbs could save you almost 20 cents off the national price of petrol.

New drink-drive limits catch dozens of drivers

Dozens of drivers fall foul of lower drink-driving limit - some on way to work next morning.

Spyker sportscar maker declared bankrupt

Dutch supercar maker - and former Saab owner - closes its doors

Gull entices buyers with petrol for $1.65 a litre

Petrol prices may fall to around $1.70 a litre in some parts of the country where Australian player Gull is savagely discounting.

Holiday traffic hell: how to avoid it

It's every driver's own personal hell - stuck in a summer traffic jam that snakes back for kilometres as icecreams melt and tempers fray.

Android at the wheel: Google's OS for cars

Google's next iteration of it's Android operating system could be made for cars.

Inside the world of stunt motocross riders

Their tricks are amazing, but the risks are huge: inside the minds of our champion stunt motocross riders.

The women behind the big rigs

The once masculine trucking world is starting to attract more female drivers.

US plumber's truck in the hands of Syrian jihadists

A Texas plumber has no idea how his old work truck ended up in the hands of Islamists in Syria.

'Phwoar', the Lamborghini Countach is 43

The Lamborghini Countach was the poster child for 1970s supercars.

Meet Raminator, the world's fastest monster truck

A truck called Raminator has broken the Guinness World Records record for the "Fastest Speed for a Monster Truck".

Police hunt for couple who sucked coins from car wash using vacuum cleaner

Police hunting pair who used their own vacuum cleaner to suck coins from car wash machines.

Infiniti Vision Gran Turismo revealed

Godzilla has a new enemy, and it comes from within its own ranks.
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