Buskers humour aids recovery - Dalziel

01:25, Jan 08 2014
Mayor Lianne Dalziel, Scirt GM Duncan Gibb, Trust chairman Geoff Cranko
Mayor Lianne Dalziel, Scirt GM Duncan Gibb, World Buskers Festival Trust chairman Geoff Cranko

Three leading Christchurch figures tell us what they think of the World Buskers Festival ahead of its launch.


I absolutely love the Scirt World Buskers Festival.

In January it celebrates its 21stbirthday and on every count it is a "must attend" event.

More so than ever, Christchurch people need a little bit of "awesome" in their lives.

The festival gives them that, along with a whole lot of really good fun.


There is a lot of scientific evidence showing that humour helps people recover. And if you are looking for the unscientific reason as to why laughter is a cure, you only need to watch Robin Williams as the doctor full of pranks in the movie Patch Adams.

What I like about the Scirt World Buskers Festival is that there really is something for everyone. It caters for all ages and is a real positive in that as well as performances at its central city locations, the events are also held in New Brighton.

I wish the organisers all the best and I will be attending as many shows as I can.

A tip that I'll be putting into practice is not sitting in the front row. I've learnt from past experience that to do so increases your chances of becoming part of the performance - and I would sooner watch others take that role.


Being part of it - for a third year.

With the half way mark approaching for the city's five-year infrastructure rebuild,

Scirt's construction partners are proud to be sponsoring Christchurch's World Buskers Festival for a third year.

Just like the festival, the Scirt work programme for 2014 will be full-on.

Teams from City Care, Downer, Fletcher, Fulton Hogan and McConnell Dowell will be working on 150 or more projects in 2014, up from less than 100 a year ago. More than a third of these will be in the central city.

This means that the people working for Scirt, as well as everyone in Christchurch daily winding their way through works on and under the roadway, are in need of some time-out.

The World Buskers Festival gives us a chance to recharge as we work through the city's rebuild. We are all part of it because we live here.

In three years, Scirt's job will be completed and many of Christchurch's core services will be repaired or replaced.

- More than a third of the city's 600km or more broken wastewater pipes have been relined or replaced to date

- Several major bridge repairs across the Avon and Heathcote rivers are well advancedor complete

- Large, publicly-owned retaining wall and reservoir rebuilds are on their way or completed

None of this could happen without the goodwill and co-operation of each of you. The festival sponsorship is a much needed reminder that people are at the heart of this rebuild and that we all need to keep enjoying our city as the work continues around us.

Bring your family and friends along for some fun and entertainment, a great way to kick start the year ahead.

See you there.


The first Scirt World Buskers Festival took place on the streets of Christchurch in January 1994. It featured a handful of national and Australian street performers; ran for just seven days and drew a few thousand enthusiastic punters.

How things have changed.

Now in its 21st year, the Scirt World Buskers Festival has grown into one of the most respected and well-known street performance festivals in the world. Its reputation as an event that consistently presents the world's best circus, comedic, musical, street and fringe theatre performances is well deserved and well appreciated.

The Trust and management team takes pride in staging the Scirt World Buskers Festival. We are happy to once again present a fantastic variety of artists and performances, to provide Christchurch and Canterbury with an original home grown event that delivers fun and entertainment - every time.

The 2014 Scirt World Buskers Festival is offering 11 days of excitement, 660 performances and all the side splitting laughter you can take. Don't miss your opportunity to experience everything the Scirt World Buskers Festival can give.

From all of us here at the Wold Buskers Festival Trust - enjoy!

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