Long queues for Buskers shows

04:54, Jan 25 2014
LENGTHY WAIT: Buskers patrons queue two minutes before the ticket booth opened at North Hagley Park.

Keen Cantabrians began queuing at the ticket booths at 7am, as the World Buskers Festival launches into its final days. 

The hugely popular annual festival kicked off at various venues in Christchurch from 11am today.

Event organisers were clearly impressed with the crowds at North Hagley Park for today's performances and shot the video footage below. 

LENGTHY WAIT: Buskers patrons queue for the ticket booth at North Hagley Park.

"Congrats to the first person in line at 7am," they posted on their Facebook page. 

One resident who queued said on social media he was glad he arrived early and "eternally grateful to the coffee guy who decided to take orders and deliver them to us while standing in line".

The festival features a range of international acts including jugglers, dancers, contortionists, singers, musicians, burlesque performers and acrobats.

SEASIDE SHOW: Crowds gathered in New Brighton to watch the weekend busking performances.

The event is due to end on Sunday. 


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