Kenny Rogers seals his legendary status

LEGENDARY: Kenny Rogers.
LEGENDARY: Kenny Rogers.

Kenny Rogers has nothing left to prove.

But despite some minor technical hitches, a dodgy knee and more than 50 years performing history, he gave it his all to an almost full house at CBS Arena.

But first, mention must go to the other stars of the show.

Kenny Rogers.
Kenny Rogers.

The warmup band performed a set dedicated to Glen Campbell who was to have shared the bill with Rogers until his failing health stopped him making the trip to Christchurch.

So the band brought out Campbell's best known songs - Witchita Lineman, Southern Nights - and finished off with Rhinestone Cowboy, sung by his last-minute replacement, Kiwi entertainer John Rowles.

Sound issues, some mistimed strums of his guitar and an audience slow to warm to him failed to stop Rowles, and he soon won them over when he belted out Cheryl Moana Marie.

But the crowd was itching for the star of the show and Kenny Rogers did not disappoint - not once.

The 74-year-old took the crowd on a whirlwind trip through his classics.

Girls danced in the aisles, crowds danced along both sides of the arena and almost everyone was in full voice throughout.

Rogers entertained with his songs but brought a surprisingly witty sense of humour to his show.

He had the crowd in his hand and no-one was resisting.

All the favourites came out with special mention to Reuben James, Lucille and Coward of the County.

But it was his trademark song, The Gambler, that sealed the deal for the crowd.

All left with a smile on their face, knowing they had experienced something special.

Kenny Rogers: entertainer, performer, comedian.

Kenny Rogers: legend.

Kenny Rogers, at the CBS Arena last night. Reviewed by Glenn Conway. 

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