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01:58, Jul 18 2012
Natalie Parker

Natalie Parker, heading overseas

My jeans are from Just Jeans.

My T-shirt is from Cotton On and the scarf is from Max.

Vicky Ji

I bought the bag at a market a few years ago and my parents bought me the earrings on Waiheke Island.

I like op shops and Savemart and I go for colourful.

I'm off to America soon, so I am saving to buy some unique clothes there.


Lydia Randall


Vicky Ji, accountant, of Christchurch

I bought the shoes, tights and dress online at asos.com and the jacket in China.

Claire Campbell

My bag is by Prada.

I enjoy browsing through magazines and reading online fashion blogs.

I shop a lot online, as you can get some great discounts and variety.

I used to enjoy shopping in High St.

I'm pretty much sorted for winter clothes, but for spring I'd like some great jeans and T-shirts.


Lydia Randall, business owner, of Christchurch

I bought the white jacket while holidaying in Australia and the red scarf on eBay.

I bought my bag online from a US store and the hair piece is from Equip.

Where do I shop? I'm a big fan of Wild Pair, because I love shoes, and their clothes are great too.

In terms of my style inspiration, I tend to go for a classic, elegant look.

My shopping wishlist: More hair accessories - they can really lift an outfit.


Claire Campbell, mother of three, of Christchurch

My shoes are from England and the jeans are from Just Jeans.

The tunic is from Principles and the jacket is from Glassons.

The top is from Max.

If I had the money, I'd do more of my shopping at Max.

Where do I get my style inspiration? I just wear what I like and what is comfortable.

My shopping wishlist: I'd love lots of money to go on a shopping spree and buy what I like on a whim.

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