Peeping tom comes forward

22:48, Jan 24 2013

After media publicity around reports of a peeping tom in Mairehau on Tuesday, a man has come forward to talk with police.

A man was seen peering into a house on Tuesday night around 5.30pm. A passer-by reported the man as looking over a fence and possibly filming with a cell phone.

He was also reported as having his pants down and masturbating. The witness confronted the man and he fled the scene.

Since the report was made, police had been on the hunt for a distinctive green Toyota Hiace van heavily covered in ''V'' energy drink stickers.

The man was described as a Caucasian in his 50s, approximately 1.8 metres (6ft) tall, of solid build and with grey hair. He was reported to be wearing black dress pants, a white shirt and tie.

Information had been provided by members of the public regarding the incident. The 54-year-old was co-operating with police and a decision on whether to lay charges was yet to be made.

 Anyone with information is asked to contact Senior Sergeant Phil Dean at Papanui police, ph. (03) 3741762.


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