Bank manager backs water park

02:16, Feb 07 2013
David East

Westpac bank manager Graeme Soper is confident the New Brighton water park proposal will open the door for more investment in the area if it is embraced by the city council master plan.

Submissions on the New Brighton master plan close on February 18.

Mr Soper, manager of the bank's New Brighton and Parklands branches, said it was important there was some investment in the eastern sector.

"We feel that it is very important that this goes ahead and we fully support the vision for the community, " he said.

"Projects like this are what we'd really like to see happening in Christchurch."

Westpac already had strong commitment in the business hub at Show Place, Addington, as well as other parts of the city.

"This is about how important we feel that complex is for the community out here and all Christchurch, especially with the demolition of QE2, " he said.

"If we can just get that across the first hurdle of approval into the city plan. That council commitment is the key for investment in New Brighton.

"It will open door for a lot of people to consider investing here.

"Certainly there would be a lot we could do behind the scenes."

An Auckland-based senior Westpac executive, who came to Christchurch before Christmas on other business, also met Burwood Pegasus Community Board members David East and Tim Sintes, key players in the proposal.

"She liked what we were proposing, " Mr East said.

He declined to elaborate on the discussion at this stage.

"There was no commitment on any future involvement."

Mr Soper, he said, thought the water park plan "a very good project".


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