Housing NZ fast-tracks repairs

02:27, Feb 07 2013

Housing New Zealand has today announced an ambitious earthquake recovery plan which will see it build 700 new houses in three years and repair 5000 more.

The announcement came today in the wake of criticisms directed at the city council, which recently announced further tenant displacement because of unsafe council-owned homes.

First on the agenda is rapid repair of 2000 quake-damaged homes in the next 12 months. Another 3000 are on the list for repair or rebuild in the next three years.

These goals make up the recovery part of the plan for the Housing NZ homes damaged by earthquakes.

The programme will also include construction of up to 700 new houses by December 2015 to help ease the city's affordable housing shortage.
Housing New Zealand chief executive Glen Sowry said the programme was an ambitious undertaking.

‘We are now in a good position to ramp up our programme, based on the completion of 212 major repairs between July and October last year,'' he said.

5000 houses had been repaired without moving tenants in the aftermath of the earthquakes. The 212 homes repaired late last year did require tenants to be moved during the process.

Mr Sowry said the large scale repair and rebuild programme had to take into account the state of the land – whether it was TC2 or TC3 – and whether the houses were suitable for repair or demolition and rebuilding.

HNZ will replace the 215 houses demaged beyond repair in the earthquake in Christchurch and Kaiapoi.


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