Night owls wanted to fill gaps

Pallet Pavilion
Pallet Pavilion

Christchurch's public installation experts, Gap Filler, are calling for volunteers to help keep the Pallet Pavilion afloat.

The pavilion has been a popular community asset, built entirely out of donated wooden pallets. It has been home to rock concerts, busking events, a bar, and a few games of scrabble.

But now, the organisers are calling on the public to keep the dream alive.

The Pallet Pavilion
The Pallet Pavilion

To comply with Fire Service safety regulations, the pavilion must be manned 24-7. Until now, Gap Filler has been shelling out for a security guard to keep an eye on the place overnight.

As costs mount, the organisation is hoping some night owls will come to the party and keep watch over the community space between 11pm and 7am.

Gap Filler leader Coralie Winn said the pavilion could be minded in split shifts, with some money available for a particularly available volunteer.

So, if you are writing your next novel in the dead of night, or would like to just muck in and help out, get in touch with Gap Filler to arrange volunteer shifts.


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