More council homes close

03:44, Feb 14 2013
Dallington units to close

The city council has today announced the closure of a further 11 social housing units, this time in Dallington.

Only a few weeks ago, the council announced the closure of 31 social housing units due to an engineering report which showed them to be less than 34 per cent of the New Building Standard (NBS).

Today's announcement concerned 11 units at the Biddicj Courts City Housing complex in Dallington. A Detailed Engineering Evaluation showed some buildings failed to meet 34 per cent of the NBS. Two double-storey blocks were evaluated at only 19 per cent, and engineers considered them unlikely to stand up to future earthquakes.

The site is also sitting on damaged land, contributing to its instability.

Council staff said all affected tenants would be offered alternative homes. Only 7 days notice was required under tenancy law, because the tenants were deemed to be at risk.

The council was committed to finding residents accommodation as soon as possible. Residents would be notified today.

The tenants of a single-storey block on the same site will be safe and allowed to stay. The five-unit block was assessed as meeting 100 per cent of the NBS.

For more information about the reports and council's ongoing assessments, check out:


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