No brothels for Lyttelton

19:50, Feb 28 2013

Lyttelton residents have finally made progress in their bid to keep large commercial brothels out of the small port township.

On Monday the city council hearings panel voted against allowing larger brothels in the port town.
The decision had already been made late last year, but the panel had been asked to review its decision when some councillors found its recommendation concerning.

The Brothels Bylaw 2012 will see the council designate areas city-wide where large brothels can operate. The initial bylaw included Lyttelton in the zones.

However residents and community board representatives felt the area designated for Lyttelton was disproportionately large and unneccessary.

Since then, residents have campaigned against a red-light zone in Lyttelton, saying the existing small, discreet brothels were enough.

Board chairwoman Paula Smith said the Lyttelton community did not think any part of the township was acceptable for large licensed brothels. The panel voted to stick with its 2012 decision, and will recommend Lyttelton not be included in the proposed commercial brothel zones.

The panel’s confirmation of its decision will be discussed at the scheduled March 28 council meeting.


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