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20:00, Jan 24 2013
Owner Kaaran Robinson
Scarves and vintage inspired blankets
Birdcage and jewellery
Stacking eggs
Kiwiana hearts

Only a few weeks ago Kaaran Robinson was planning her return to nursing. On Friday she was opening the doors to her new shop in Sumner - Scout.

Her eclectic gift shop is replacing Black Bird, which once replaced the Village Junk Shop, which replaced a cobbler, who had bought the shop from a green grocer.

It's a shop with a long local history.

Kaaran is determined to retain that vintage feel and her gifts are a refreshing blend of retro inspired cushions alongside fluro hoola- hoops.

"I'm just going to buy things that make me smile, " she said. "It's like being a kid in a candy store."

Kaaran's shop is all about gifts, and fits seamlessly alongside God Save the Queen, which still occupies one end of the junk shop space.

She was planning to return to nursing this year and had a job lined up and ready to go. However, shopping for gifts before Christmas, she was "devastated" to hear Black Bird was moving to Dunedin.

"I was just sad it was going, " she said. "I have zero retail experience, but it's definitely a dream I thought would never come true - to own my own shop."

While camping over the holidays she twisted her husband's arm in a weak moment on Christmas Eve, then had to sit and twiddle her thumbs until they returned to civilisation.

"I was so excited, but we were camping, so I just had to sit and wait and plan."

In the meantime, hubby, a vintage magpie, has become a full convert and has already dropped off a few finds at the shop.

A mother of two boys, she is enjoying being surrounded by beautiful things.

Some particularly gorgeous items include printed stencil stag heads, vintage baby clothes, and cute child-sized floral aprons.

Scout is open Wednesday to Sunday 10am till 5pm.


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