Mayor launches trust

20:11, Jan 30 2013
Brydie Lauder

Last night Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker officially launched a trust started in honour of a little girl who battled through life with a smile on her face and a cuddle for everyone.

The Brydie Lauder Charitable Trust is the brainchild of Brydie's mother, Anna.

Brydie passed away in July last year at only 4 years old.

In her short life she had developed a serious growth condition which caused her tongue to grow larger than her body could handle.

She also suffered from epileptic seizures which constantly threatened to overwhelm her small body.

One Sunday night Brydie went to sleep, never to wake up.

Mother Anna, devastated by her death and inspired by her daughter's ceaseless joy in the world, has vowed to work hard for kids like Brydie.

The trust will raise money for paediatric neurology - a department where Brydie spent more time than a child should.

Mrs Lauder's speech at the launch touched on the significant moments in her daughter's life - the first admission to hospital, three rounds of tongue-reduction surgery, and her passionate worship of her doctor, Cameron Dickson.

The speech included a video salute from Brydie recorded when she was riding a train - "all aboard".

The launch marks the official commencement of events in Brydie's honour.

In March, Brydie's Ball will be held at the Cashmere Club with proceeds going to the trust.

The ball has been organised for March 1 as a positive start to a sad month for the Lauder family, who will celebrate Brydie's 5th birthday without her.

Mrs Lauder has also confirmed permission for Christchurch to host an annual Butterfly Day for Brydie, when collectors will hit the streets asking for support (date to be confirmed).

The trust has already raised $10,000.

For more information on the trust and upcoming events, or simply to express your support, check out


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